This is a general announcement for all METU students who plan to apply to a learning mobility in Europe for 2022-2023 Academic Year or Erasmus traineeship mobility (KA131). International Cooperations Office is planning to take applications for these two programs  between February 21 and March 7, 2022 through online systems. Applications details will be announced in the coming weeks. However, we would like to point out that there will not be any English language exam tests organised by International Cooperations Office. Students interested in applying to these programs will be able to use any English language test score recognised by METU (please click to see the recognised tests) which have been taken within the last five years. Students who plan to apply for the Erasmus+ traineeship are also required to submit a valid traineeship acceptance letter as explained in this link.

Please follow ICO's announcements if you plan to make Erasmus+ European Mobility (KA131) application(s). In case of postponement of the Erasmus KA131 (learning mobility and traineeship) application dates, ICO will make a new announcement at least two weeks prior to the application start date.