4-      Overseas Exchange Program

What is Overseas Exchange?

Overseas Exchange is a program run by METU ICO according to the provisions of university-wide bilateral exchange agreements between partner institutions. The students who participate in this program are exempt from tuition fees in the host institution; however, the program itself does not provide any scholarships.

How to apply?

The students registered in formal education programs at higher education institutions may benefit from the program on the condition that their home institution and METU signed a bilateral Exchange Agreement.

There is a specific unit at METU ICO which carries out all the Overseas Exchange operations at METU. This unit is responsible for organizing application calls and facilitating incoming student exchange mobility.

The partners nominate their selected candidates during the mutually-determined nomination periods. It is usually June 30 for Fall semester and Academic Year; and November 30 for Spring semester for incoming students. Applications without official nominations will not be accepted. Prior to their applications, applicants must be officially nominated by their home universities. An official nomination by the applicant's home University should be sent by e-mail to icm@metu.edu.tr 

Application Documents

The application documents for Overseas Exchange Program is as follows;

* These documents will be provided by METU ICM unit to partner institutions during the application call.

Nomination Criteria

- Minimum study years for undergraduate students: Undergraduate nominees must have completed a minimum of 1 year at your institution before visiting METU.

- MS/PhD Students: METU will accept graduate students for exchange only if:

a) They agree to take courses at our institution. Or,

b) They find a Research Supervisor at METU (by themselves) who is ready to accept to study with the student. In this case, the student should submit an acceptance letter from the agreed supervisor during the application period. Please note that it is not possible for ICO to assign academic supervisors to students who want to conduct research work at METU.

Important Reminder

Medium of instruction at METU is English at all levels and programs. Please bear in mind that in order to be able to follow courses at METU, students are strongly recommended to have adequate level of English, meaning B1 level language competence according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or TOEFL (ibt) score of 79 or IELTS score of 6,5.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are usually June 30 for Fall semester and Academic Year; and November 30 for Spring semester for incoming students. For further information about Overseas Exchange deadlines, please contact icm@metu.edu.tr.

Scholarships for Incoming Overseas Exchange Students

METU does not offer scholarships to incoming Overseas Exchange students; however, they are emept from tuition fee.