Application Procedures

METU ICO hosts incoming exchange students within different frameworks such as Erasmus+, Erasmus+ ICM, Mevlana, and Overseas Exchange. While the application procedures and documents may change depending on the program, some basic principles are applied to all of the frameworks mentioned above.

METU ICO suggests prospective incoming exchange students to start searching for the suitable international exchange frameworks by contacting the International Office or Study Abroad Office of their home university. It is important to note that METU ICO does not accept individual incoming student exchange applications and asks for an official nomination from the partner universities.

The important steps that should be followed prior to the application are listed below;

  1. Deciding on the exchange framework; contact the home university and learn the type of student exchange framework that the home university has with METU
  2. Important dates and deadlines; the home university will be informed about the important dates and deadlines concerning application procedures at METU on a constant basis. Contact the home university officials to create a timetable about the application to METU.
  3. Eligibility and admission requirements; the language of instruction at METU is English and each student will be asked to provide a document which shows the proficiency level in English
  4. Costs; learn about the possible travel and living expenses before starting the exchange period
  5. Accommodation; METU offers accommodation to all incoming exchange students. All students are advised to learn about the accommodation options that METU offers.

 Below you can find information about different mobility programs of METU:

  1. ERASMUS+ KA103 Erasmus European Mobility Program
  2. ERASMUS+ KA107 International Credit Mobility Program
  3. Mevlana Exchange Program
  4. Overseas Exchange Program