At least two semesters prior to the date you wish to begin a study abroad program, define your goals and begin searching programs that will best suit you. You can begin by visiting the International Office or Study Abroad Office of your university. There you will have access to a variety of reference materials about METU. When you make your search, you can collect information on:


• application deadlines;

• whether you meet the eligibility and admission requirements;

• costs;

• campus accommodation;

• other services, such as social activities, provided by the organization running the program or by the host educational institution.

• language proficiency (language of instruction at METU is in English)


If your university has an exchange student agreement with METU, contact your International Office for information about how to study at METU. If your university does not have such an agreement, you may contact with your home University to initiate an agreement with METU.


How to Apply?

Applications without official nominations will not be accepted. Prior to their applications, applicants must be officially nominated by their home universities. An official nomination by the applicant's home University shoud be sent by e-mail to  (only for Erasmus+ with European countries) (all exchange such as Erasmus+ with non-European countries, bilateral exchange program or Mevlana Program)

You need to fill out and send  the following documents via e-mail  to METU International Cooperations Office advisors before the deadline.



- Official transcript (record of courses )

- Copy of passport (copy of national ID card is also accepted for students of Turkish nationality)

- Copy of health insurance valid in Turkey**


- Accommodation form (to be published later)



Remark: Medium of instruction at METU is English at all levels and programs. Please bear in mind that in order to be able to follow courses at METU, students are strongly recommended to have adequate level of English, meaning B1 level language competence according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( or TOEFL (ibt) score of 79 or IELTS score of 6,5.



Application deadlines: 

Fall semester or Academic Year: 31 May

Spring semester: 15 November

**Incoming students must be covered by a health insurance valid in Turkey. This insurance is also required for residence permit applications. Those students without Turkish nationality/Mavi Kart are required to apply for residence permit once they arrive in Turkey. To be able to apply for residence permit, students should be sure that the insurance must cover the minimum requirements given below and it should be also explicitely stated on the policy document. As the University, we will approve your policy paper and if it is not written explicitely, we can not approve the document. In this case, you might have to make a new health insurance in Turkey. If you haven't had a health insurance yet, we advise you to make it in Turkey according to minimum policy content. Your host students and ESN members may hep you to make this insurance in Turkey.


Minimum Policy Content      
  Contracted Institutions  *Non- Contracted Institutions
Annual Minimum Limit Contributions Annual Minimum Limit Contributions
Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment 2.000. -TL Insured      : % 40 2.000.-TL Insured     : % 40
Company  : % 60 Company  : % 60
Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment Unlimited Insured    : % 0 20.000.-TL Insured     : % 20
Company : % 100 Company  : % 80


*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.)  do not have an agreement with the insurer.