A. Calendar for 2016-2017 Academic Year Mevlana Mobility

Application Term: Spring 2017 (excat date will be announced later)

METU sends Mevlana students to partner universities at the beginning of Fall or Spring semesters of each university. To give an idea it can be said that the academic year for US and Canadian universities begins in August and that of the Australian and Japanese universities at the end of February.


The initial step for application is to attend the information sessions of the International Cooperations Office (ICO) during November, which aim to give information about Mevlana program. The dates and places of these meetings are announced on the department notice boards and on ICO's main web site.

Students who are interested in the Mevlana program should apply to ICO for participating in the program in the Fall or Spring semester of the following academic year.


B. Who can Apply?

Applicants must be registered at METU as full-degree students at the time of application. They must have completed at least one semester and have a valid CGPA score. They must also be able to continue studies at the same level (undergraduate, masters, PhD) at METU the following year, i.e. the year of the exchange.

Conditional Program (Bilimsel Hazırlık) students and students studying in the Department of Basic English are not eligible to apply.


Undergraduate students should have at least 2,5 CGPA and graduate students should have at least 3,0 CGPA over 4,0.


C. How to Apply?

Applicants must make their university preferences by consulting with their departmental exchange program coordinators. Departmental coordinators must approve student's preferences on the application form and also his/her participation in the exchange program before s/he leaves for the host university.

Mevlana  Application Form for Outgoing Students can be downloaded here.


C. English Proficiency Exam for Exchange Programs (EPEEP)

It is obligatory to take EPEEP for Mevlana applicants.


EPEEPis valid for two consecutive years and students who have taken the exam in the previous 2 years may apply with a previous score. This needs to be indicated on the application document. However, students are allowed to take the EPEEP only once every academic year and those who have already taken the EPEEP in the same academic year for another exchange program will not be able to take the exam again.


The exam is organized by the Department of Basic English. Students who are not able to enter the exam due to a valid excuse should submit a petition explaining their excuse to the International Cooperations Office. Otherwise, their Mevlana application will be regarded as invalid.

D. Selection Criteria

50% of CGPA and 50% of the EPEEP score are taken into account in electing prospective Mevlana students.


Besides, before calculating the 50% of the CGPA, a coefficient is applied on the CGPA according to the applicants' study cycle and semester information as below:


Study Cycle / Semester Coefficient
Masters 25
PhD 25
Undergraduate, semesters 1 & 2 25
Undergraduate, semesters 3 & 4 27,5
Undergraduate, semesters 5 & 6 28,75
Undergraduate, semesters 7 and above 25

The list of Universities and replaced student's CGPA information can be reached here. Please bear in mind the above change in replacement procedure this year.

E. Language Proficiency and Academic Standing

METU does not ask an intertionally recognized language document at the time of application. However, in most of the cases students need to submit a relevant language proficiency document during their application to the host university (TOEFL/IELTS for English-medium universities, etc.). Therefore, students are recommended to investigate the language requirements of the host universities even before their application to METU and take the required exam(s) when necessary.

Host universities may also require an academic transcript to evaluate candidates' academic standing in the semester(s) before s/he actually starts the exchange program. Therefore, students must be in good academic standing and are advised to avoid getting failing grades until their participation in the exchange program.

Students with FF/FD/W grades should consult their departments' procedures and undergraduate regulations.

It is highly recommended that applicants check partner universities' restrictions. A list of restrictions about language proficiecny, CGPA, etc. communicated by partner universities to ICO are listed here. However, it should be noted that this is not a comprehensive list and different restrictions might be introduced by partner universities.

Mevlana Information Sheet / Application for 2016-2017 Academic Year (Turkish)

Overseas Exchange-Mevlana-ICM Presentation (Turkish)