METU tries provide campus accommodation to all exchange students who wish to stay in the campus dormitories. METU has three types of campus dormitories; State, Semi-Private and Private. All dormitories furnish bedding. Meals are not included in the fee but dormitories have canteens where students can eat breakfast and other meals for a nominal cost.


Most of the dormitories are located in the same general area near the campus shopping center with banks, a post office and near the campus medical center and sports facilities. The shopping center has a variety of eateries open daily including weekends and holidays. Municipality buses and private minibuses (dolmus) run regularly to and from main parts of the city daily including weekends and holidays from early morning until midnight.


Application form for campus accommodation is published in January and in June on "Application" menu. All fees are fixed in Turkish Liras but quoted in American dollars just to give an idea. Generally, there are fluctuations in exchange rates in Turkey. Regardless of their nationality, all international students pay the same amount as Turkish students. Students are advised to bring enough cash which can be converted easily into Turkish Liras at one of the Campus Banks to cover deposits and the first month’s dormitory fee. Credit cards are not accepted. All fees are subject to change. Students are required to make payments as indicated above upon arrival. Therefore, we advise students to bring the necessary initial payment in cash.


Rules and Regulations of campus dormitories:

Students who choose to stay in METU campus dormitories agree to follow the rules of the dormitories. Each dormitory has a full-time director. Rules that must be followed are:


1. Students must be in the dormitory by midnight.

2. Students who plan to stay out after midnight or spend the night away from the dormitory MUST inform the Dormitory Director before hand.

3. Alcoholic drinks should not be brought into the dormitory – indeed on to the campus.

4. Students who smoke should do so only in designated areas.