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As Erasmus mobility ends, students have to submit their documents to ICO as soon as possible upon completion. 20% amount will not be paid to students who do not deliver these documents to ICO.
At the end of Erasmus mobility program, the students who could not succeed at least 20 ECTS credits out of 30 ECTS credits which were taken at the beginning cannot receive 20% of their total grant.
Certificate of Attendance & Flight Ticket for Outgoing and Return
Duration the Erasmus learning period (including the orientation program) must be stated on this form and it must be confirmed by the host university. For the final payment, flight tickets for leaving and returning must also be delivered to the office along with original certificate of attendance. Addtion to tickets, students are asked to provide "Yurda Giriş Çıkış Belgesi" (Entry-Exit Document) from the E-Devlet system.
For every Erasmus student the host university gives an official transcript which indicates taken courses, grades and ECTS credits or sends it to METU. The student is liable to deliver one copy of the transcript to ICO. The student must give a petition for course substitution to the department to ensure that taken courses are substituted at METU. A copy of the transcript and Academic Confirmation Form which is rearranged after return are attached to the petition. Conversion of obtained grades to METU system will be carried out by the department.
Academic Confirmation Form - Return (ACF)
It shows the equivalence of the received courses from host-university to courses given in METU. It must be signed by Department Head, Erasmus Coordinator of the Department, Faculty/Institute, and thesis advisor (for graduate students). Every kind of information regarding course substitution must be received from Departmental Coordinators. The student must deliver one copy of this form to ICO with confirmations both before (‘’ACF outgoing form’’ which includes foreseen courses) and after (ACF return form which includes the courses taking place on the transcript both successful courses and courses with a failing grade) the program. This form will also be used for granting leave of absence and substitution of courses (academic recognition) at the end of the program. Therefore, the student must keep one copy of this form. 
According to the complementary grades in METU, CC and above for undergrad students and BB and above for grad students if deemed applicable by department, counted as passed in student’s curriculum. Student receives “EX” grade and considered “exempt” from these courses and these grades are not taken into consideration in grade point average (GPA) calculation. These courses are shown as registered in the mobility semester of student. These courses that are registered as “exempt” in METU have their names and codes from the host university indicated in the “remarks” part of the transcript. The "Academic Confirmation Form – Return" document also contains a list of the courses with a failing grade taken during the mobility period by the student. These failed courses are also indicated in the "remarks" part of the METU transcript with only their names and codes from the host university.
In case the "Academic Confirmation Form – Return" document exceeds one page and the signature part remains in the second page, the document should be printed with back and front on one paper. 
Erasmus Student Final Report Form 
The final report form will be delivered to student via e-mail after ICO advisor enters the information about student to the system and it is compulsory for the student to fill this form online. ICO initiates the process for students to receive remaining 20% grant after completion of the return procedures and succeed in the courses worth at least 20 ETCS credits.
OLS Return
It is optional to complete the second OLS exam online after return.
*The forms which will be used in the process can be downloaded from;

During all transactions, the student must keep in touch with the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator and advisors at ICO. Students are requested to check their e-mails regularly. Moreover, students are recommended to inform their advisors at ICO for the correspondence with the host university. It is important that student sends an e-mail to their ICO advisor as soon as they arrive to host country. Moreover, it is also important that student informs their advisor when in case of facing any kind of problem. It is also recommended for students to take additional passport photographs and money apart from Erasmus grant when they go to host country. It is important to get an appointment from advisors before visiting them for the process to go smoothly.
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On Wednesday there is no student counseling.
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