METU Departmental Erasmus Coordinators are kindly asked to fill out this form regarding the incoming staff that will be hosted in the related Academic Departments and Administrative Units at METU under the Erasmus+ KA103/131 programme. Please only provide information for the mobilities that are conducted under Erasmus+ KA103/131 programmes with European countries.

1. Information

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA) is a field of activity that allows HEI teaching staff of a Turkish higher education institution (holding ECHE) to teach and carry joint academic/educational activities at a partner HEI (holding ECHE) in the program countries.

The receiving organisation must be a Programme Country HEI awarded with an ECHE or a Partner Country HEI recognised by competent authorities and having signed an interinstitutional agreement with the sending Programme Country partner before the mobility takes place.  Here you can find the list of Erasmus partners. 

STA is a daily basis activity and a grant payment is made for the lecture days. For this reason, in the Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement a specific teaching program must be indicated on a daily-basis.

The purposes of STA may be summarized as follows:

  • to provide teaching staff with opportunities for personal & professional development
  • to share expertise in specialist areas within teacher education, to deepen mutual understanding of different European Education Systems and to raise the profile of the European Dimension in Education
  • to allow students who are not able to participate in mobility to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of staff in other European institutions

How to apply for teaching staff mobility at Middle East Technical University?

Teaching staff who are interested in visiting METU as incoming staff should get in touch with the related academic or administrative department directly to organize their visit. Prospective academic visitors are recommended to contact with the exchange coordinators in the departments since teaching program should be determined with the related academic department.

2. Application Requirements and Documents:

Applicants must be a member of the partner university and they must actively work at the time of application, have a minimum English proficiency level of B2.

3. Duration of the Activities:

Duration of teaching mobility ranges from 5 days to 2 months (max.) excluding travel time. 

For one-week (5 working days) participation, the teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week. For training activities that will last more than one week (5 working days), the minimum teaching hour must be calculated in proportion to the minimum requirement (e.g., 16 hours/10 working days, 24 hours/15 working days).

4. Useful Information for the Selected Beneficiaries:

Please find attached  an orientation package including information like how to get to METU campus, accommodation, social life, etc.

4.1. How to Apply for Campus Accommodation:

Beneficiaries who would like to stay in METU guesthouses need to contact with ICO advisors before their mobility period. ICO advisors will communicate with guesthouses and inform the beneficiary about the availability of the rooms. Please note that ICO does its best to arrange a room for Erasmus+ beneficiaries. However, because of the high demand, for certain periods of the semester, it may not be possible to offer rooms for each beneficiary.

4.2. Campus Accommodation Options:

METU Guesthouse (ODTÜ Misafirhanesi)

METU's Guesthouse, located on METU Campus grounds within the Campus Faculty Housing Complex, conveniently near the Sports and Social Facilities, the Shopping Mall, Banks, Post Office and public transportation facilities, provides 24-hour service to the local and international guests. METU Guest House is within walking distance from the Conference Venue. The main Guesthouse building has six two-room suites, six double rooms and six single rooms. And in separate buildings there are three large apartments together with seven studio apartments providing in all a total capacity of 52 beds for 65 guests. On the main floor of the main Guesthouse, there is a sitting room and a breakfast room open for all guests. Each room has Wi-Fi and cable internet, a cable TV, a telephone, and a small refrigerator. A computer with Internet connection, located in the sitting room on the ground floor, is available for all guests. Hot water is available for 24-hours. Daily served open-buffet breakfast is also available for the guests.

In order to check the images of METU Guesthouse, you may visit the website below:

Prices for METU Guesthouse (valid for 2022-2023 Academic Year*):

  • Single Room: 260 TL
  • Double Room: 400 TL
  • Suite Single Room: 300 TL
  • Suite Double Room: 470 TL
  • Triple Room: 520 TL

* Prices are subject change for different academic years

Important Note: METU Guesthouse is located in METU campus. For its exact location, please see the interactive METU map: