The traineeship is the process of receiving occupational education or gaining working experience for students at an organization or management in another country which participates in Erasmus program. Traineeship activity cannot be used to perform studies such as research tasks or analysis studies regarding academic studies which are carried out within the scope of a certain education program. Traineeship activity is the process of gaining practical working experience for the student in the field of vocational education in which she/he is the student.
The studies, scientific researches and projects carried out by students in order to complete or support their own scientific works cannot be accepted as a traineeship activity. In order to consider these activities as a traineeship activity, these activities must be carried out as an occupational activity with economic reward within the related sector and these activities must not be within the scope of academic works. For instance, working for experimental tasks and researches which are carried out at a research and development company or at a university or research center by the demand of a company which carries on a business in order for product development is considered as a traineeship activity. 
In case that the institution abroad which the trainee is involved in an activity is a higher education institution, the work to be performed will not be considered as a learning activity within the academic meaning and rather it will be considered as gaining practical working experience at units towards general management of the institution. A traineeship activity with the purpose of academic study cannot be performed. 
The institutions which will do the honors to traineeship can be managements, education centers, research centers and other institutions that comply with the definition of managements stated on the Erasmus+ Program Guide. Within this framework, this a proper management refers to every private and publicly owned institution/establishment and any enterprise which performs any economic activity including social economy regardless of their size, legal status and economic sector that they operate. 
The institutions below are not suitable for higher education traineeship activity within the scope of Erasmus+:
• Institutions of European Union and EU Agencies (please check: 
• National Agency and other similar institutions which carry out EU programs.