If you are a university student and want to spend one semester or one year of your study at METU,

  •  exchange programs (Erasmus, Mevlana and overseas exchange programs)
  • "special student" study option
  • international summer school 

offer this opportunity without enrolling in a degree program. 

This study might be part of your degree program in your home country, or you might take a certian number of courses at METU at the undergraduate or graduate level. 

International students who wish to study at METU as exchange students can find information about programs and application procedures by checking the items on this menu.

Studying at METU

METU has had an active exchange student program for more than twenty-seven years and has had international students since it opened. International students who come to METU with these exchange programs have uniformly found the experience enriching. Friendships with other foreign students and with Turkish students have been one of the reported rewarding experiences. Many students return to Ankara and METU to visit friends here. Most of them express that they gained a better understanding of themselves and their own culture. Ankara is ideally located for ease of travel to Istanbul, to the Mediterranean Coast and to the Black Sea Coast. Inter-city buses are convenient, relatively inexpensive and safe. Students easily combine their academic programs with trips to the many historical and fun places to see.

Advantages of Being an Exchange Student at METU

  1. English medium of instruction: Medium of instruction at METU is fully English at all levels and departments. 
  2. Variety of courses from different departments: Exchange students are allowed to take courses from a variety of departments upon instructors' confirmation.
  3. Accommodation: On-campus accommodation is offered to all incoming exchange students. Accommodation applications take place after the students are addmitted to METU.
  4. Comprehensive orientation program: METU ICO organizes an orientation program one week before the classes start. 
  5. METU campus: A lively, green, and fully equiped central campus where departments are located in close proximity to one another. The METU campus comprises of the biggest forest area of Ankara city.
  6. Student Clubs and Sport Teams: There are 95 student clubs and 33 sports teams, one of which is specifically dedicated to international exchange students and organization of activities for them.