METU has agreements with universities and other institutions in more than 85 different countries covering five continents. Please click to view METU’s ALL PARTNERS worldwide. Many of the agreements include provisions for exchange of students and academic staff. Others are the agreements for general institutional cooperation. Draft samples of the agreements can be seen by clicking one of the following:

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a type of protocol between institutions that does not have binding restrictions, requirements, and exchange quotas. Often MoUs are called the umbrella agreements that indicate the start of good relations of collaborating institutions.

Overseas Student & Faculty Exchange Agreement is a type of protocol setting the conditions of exchange, quotas and drafted for a 3 or 5 years period.

Mevlana Agreement follows the rules and regulations of the granting institution, that is, the Higher Education Council of Turkey-YÖK. Eligible countries are generally the ones outside European Union members states and any country in the world. For student and staff mobility to Turkey, the applicant to the Council is the Turkish Higher Education institution.

Erasmus+ KA131 (Mobility within Program Countries) and Erasmus+ KA171 (Mobility between Program and Partner Countries) are the protocols setting the general rules and regulations as well as the quotas of the mobility under Erasmus+ prgoram.

METU has conducted more than 250 agreements since 2021 on Erasmus Without Papers dashboard which is a platform facilitating agreements online to promote greener actions. In line with our sustainability goals, we prefer to establish our KA131 agreements on the online dashboard: Erasmus Without Papers. Almost 70% of our KA131 agreements are established online through EWP system.

The details for the digital dashboard:

Country: Turkey (Türkiye)

City: Ankara

Erasmus Code: TR ANKARA04

Middle East Technical University


Frequently Asked Questions for Erasmus+ KA171 partners 

More information on these active exchange programs can be found on the Incoming & Outgoing Student and Staff pages of this website.

Please note that this page is only for administrative purposes.

If you are a METU student/staff interested in exchange programs or someone planning to apply to an exchange program to come to METU in the coming semesters, you should check METU's Exchange Partners and/or Erasmus+ Partners. As this page covers all agreements between METU and institutions abroad, the list given above may not match with student/staff preferences.

For partnership proposals and agreement renewals for Non-European Area, please contact:

Ms. Ayşenur Coşkun

Partnership Development Manager for Overseas Mobilities


Phone: +90 312 210 3405

For partnership proposals and agreement renewals for European Area, please contact:

European Mobility