The applications of Erasmus+ European Traineeship will be held between 03.02.2020-26.02.2020. The details of the application and last years’ statistics can be found below.


Please bear in mind that:

-Traineeship activity cannot be used to carry out academic and scientific studies such as research assignments or analysis studies within the scope of a specific curriculum. Activities conducted by students in order to complete or support their own scientific studies like scientific researches and projects are not accepted as internship activities. In order for these activities to be accepted as traineeship activities, they should be carried out as professional activities that are economically viable in the related sector, not in academic studies.

-The following organizations are not eligible for Erasmus + traineeship activity:

 -Make sure that traineeship activity will be recognized by the departments upon successfully completion.

Who can apply?

-Applicants must be registered at METU as full-degree students at the time of application.

-Applicants must complete at least one semester at METU.

-Applications must be made for the same level (undergraduate, masters, PhD) at METU for the following year. However, 4th year students can also apply for the program and benefit from the program following their graduation. 

-Conditional Program (Bilimsel Hazırlık) students and students studying in the Department of Basic English are not eligible to apply.

Start and End Dates of the Application

Application period is 03.02.2020-26.02.2020 (by 17:00).

How to Apply?

Students apply online via METU Online Application System:

During the online applications, applicants will be asked to submit an acceptance letter to the system. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

 The acceptance letters should be signed, stamped and written on a headed paper (antetli kağıt) and include:

- dates & subject of the traineeship

- name of the institution where the traineeship will take place

- name and function of the person who signs the letter

In the acceptance letters, it should be specified that the applicants will work as a trainee rather than a researcher. Those letters including such notions like “research” or “scientific study” will not be accepted.

The traineeship should be completed before 31 May 2021.

Sample Acceptance Letters

For the application to be valid, the acceptance letters should be approved by ICO. During the application period, ICO officers regularly control the acceptance letters according to the criteria above from the application system. It will be possible to make changes in the acceptance letters during the application period if they are not approved by ICO.

The application should be completed 26.02.2020 before 17.00. The appropriateness of the acceptance letter will be decided on the last version that is uploaded to the online application system by this time. Hence, it will not be possible to upload any edited document after the deadline.

Minimum CGPA Requirement for Application

Undergraduate students who are considering to apply for Erasmus program should have at least 2,5 CGPA and graduate students should have at least 3,0 CGPA over 4,0.

English Proficiency Exam for Exchange Programs (EPEEP)

It is obligatory to have a valid English score from an exam organized by METU to complete the application. The valid score can be one of the following options:

1-You can take English Proficiency Exam for Mobility Programs (EPEEP) which will be organized on 29 February 2020. If you would like to take this exam, you should choose this option in the online application form. If you choose this option, you cannot use any other exam scores. If you do not attend the exam, your application for mobility program will be invalid. For the students who choose this option in the online application form, no additional application is required for the English Proficiency Exam on 29 February 2020. The details about the exam (venue & hour) will be announced later.

2-If you had English Proficiency Exam for Mobility Programs (EPEEP) or English Proficiency Exam (EPE) in the last 2 years, you can also use these exam results. EPEEP and EPE are valid for 2 consecutive years and students who have taken the exam in the previous 2 years may apply with a previous score. This needs to be indicated in the online application form. Among these scores, the highest one will be taken. The students who choose this option will not be able to take the English Proficiency Exam for Mobility Programs (EPEEP) that will be organized on 29 February 2020.

Students are allowed to take the EPEEP only once every academic year and those who have already taken the EPEEP in the same academic year for another exchange program will not be able to take the exam again. Thus, students who take exam  on 7 December 2019 will not be able to take the English Proficiency Exam on 29 February 2020 for Erasmus+ European Mobility Program applications.

Students who choose the first option and are not able to enter the exam due to a valid excuse (e.g medical report) should submit a petition explaining their excuse to the International Cooperations Office.

The exams are organized by the Department of Basic English.

Selection Criteria

According to the regulations of the Turkish National Agency, 50% of CGPA and 50% of the English language test score are taken into account in electing prospective Erasmus students. Besides, before calculating the 50% of the CGPA, a coefficient is applied on the CGPA according to the applicants' department and semester information as below:

Student CGPA: 3.15

CGPA of the related department's students in the same semester with the applicant: 2.89
Ratio: 3.15/2.89 = 1.09

Overall Erasmus application score: 3.15x26.09 = 82.18

*the convergent factor to calculate 50% of the CGPA = 25

-  15 points will be added to the overall score of the students who are the childrens of martyries and veterans.The proving documents must be submitted to the online application system during the application period.

-  10 points will be added to the overall score of students with disabilities. The proving documents must be submitted to the online application system during the application period.        

-  10 points will be added to the overall score of the students who are who have been under protection by 2828 Social Services Law. The proving documents must be submitted to the online application system during the application period.

To get these additional points, applicants have to submit their  official proofs until 26.02.2020 to International Cooperations Office via online application form.

-  10 points will be decreased from the overall score of the students for each participation of the Erasmus KA103/ Erasmus Traineeship and Erasmus KA107 in the same study cycle.

-10 points will be decreased from overall score of the students if they withdraw from 2019/2020 Erasmus program (study or internship programs with European or non-European countries ) after the announced deadlines.

-10 points will be decreased from the overall score of the students who have been selected for Erasmus KA107 for 2020-2021 academic year.

- The students who apply for both Erasmus student and traineeship mobility will be expected to give priority to one of their choices. The preference will be indicated during the online application. 10 points will be decreased from the choice that is not prioritized. 

Duration of the Activity

The duration of the activity is between 2 and 12 months, valid separately for each degree level. The traineeship period cannot be less than 2 months (exactly 60 days). 

Students can participate in the Erasmus program more than once. The same student may receive grants for mobility periods totaling up to 12 months per each cycle of study (UG, MS, PhD), independently from the number and type of mobility activities. This means the duration of Erasmus grants for Erasmus traineeship mobility and Erasmus student mobility and in a specific cycle of study for a student can be maximum 12 months.

However, in order to provide mobility opportunity for higher number of students and because of the budget limitations, the maximum duration of granted period is limited with 3 months. The Erasmus trainees selected for this period will be able to receive Erasmus grant for a 3 months-period.

2020-2021 Erasmus traineeship grants in Euros (monthly)

1. ve 2. Group Countries: 600 €

  • UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece

3. Group Program Countries: 400 €           

  • Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Polond, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

In case of budget limitations, it is also possible to participate the program without receiving any grant. Those applicants who would like to participate in the program without grant need to make application and their applications need to be evaluated as the others. Those participants with zero grant have to fulfill rights and obligations of the program.

Students who would like to withdraw from the Erasmus traineeship program should inform ICO about withdrawal decision latest by April 30, 2020. Please bear in mind that students who withdraw from the program after April 30, except for the force- majeure cases, will lose 10 points their future Erasmus applications at the same study cycle (academic level).

Erasmus Traineeship Database 2009-2018

Students may also have a look at "Opportunities" page to see the institutions who are looking for an Erasmus trainee.


Due to previous years’ students’ experiences the acceptance letters taken from Dpoint Group and Anidra People’s University will not be accepted. Please select your traineeship place carefully.

Students may be required to obtain a visa for the traineeship period. Please keep in mind that visa procedures may take a long time and students may have to pay fees for visa application (fee amounts vary). Please consult with the embassy of the related country.

Important Notice for students who carry their traineeship in UK:

To be able to apply for UK visa, students must get CoS ( Certificate of Sponsorship) from British Council. However, getting this number takes a long period time so the students who are planning to go UK should this issue into consideration.

For details please visit:

Necessary Documents to apply for CoS Number.

1) Traineeship agreement (belgelerin üzerindeki Home ve Host Institution damgalarına da oldukça dikkat ediyorlar)

2) Acceptance Letter

3) Passport

4) Erasmus Students Certificate

5) Information for CoS Number

6) Transcript

You can ask your questions in information sessions that will be held in Solmaz İzdemir Hall ( Main Library Building)



08 November 2019       14.00-15.00

14 November 2019       14.00-15.00 

27 November 2019       10.00-11.00


05 December 2019       10.00-11.00

11 December 2019       10.00-11.00

19 December 2019       11.00-12.00 

23 December 2019       14.00-15.00 


03 January 2020         09.00-10.00

09 January 2020         14.00-15.00 


05 February 2020         14.00-15.00 

13 February 2020         11.00-12.00


 Erasmus Information Sheet / Application for 2019-2020 Academic Year (Turkish)


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