Human Resources - 1, looking for a student intern, with expertise in WordPress, for a small business where you will be responsible for the following tasks: web page development in WordPress, SEO, newsletter distribution, follow-up phone calls for quotes, computer problem solutions with the help of our external service provider and other tasks surrounding digital marketing and advertising.

Workday: 4-5 hours

Remuneration: 450-550 euros per month (dependant on hours worked, knowledge and experience)

Responsible for: 4-5 interns.

Minimum requirements:

-        WordPress expertise.

-        Advanced knowledge of WordPress programming (html, CSS, php, JavaScript, MySQL, etc.)

-        cPanel expertise

-        Good understanding of Google Analytics

-        Average level of English and Spanish

Desirable skills:

-        Knowledge of graphic design

-        Computer skills

-        Experience managing a team of people

-        Experience in email marketing

-        Advanced knowledge of Access

-        Good understanding of SEO

-        Experience in sales calls

-        Experience in marketing

Inti Schlienz

Human Resources