Dear colleagues and friends,


Greetings from National Taiwan University, Taipei!


I’m pleased to invite your students to our NTU Plus Academy Spring programs. We currently offer "Chinese Language and Culture Program (March 4 to 23, 2019)” and "Research and Culture Program (March 4 to 30, 2019)". I sincerely hope that you will distribute this message to students who are interested in this spring opportunity to study abroad in Taiwan. Special discount is offered to participants from our partner universities.


To apply, please follow the URL below for more information.


+Chinese Language and Culture program

+Research & Culture program


Application period: October 1 to December 31, 2018


Here at NTU we proudly provide a unique spring experience. Our educational programs encourage intellectual exploration of the highest academic quality——all while obtaining university credits. These programs provide the opportunity to increase participants’ intercultural competence and expand network of international friends and connections.


We are looking forward to welcoming your students in 2019 Spring!



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