Marburg has been fortunate to be able to welcome your students in person as well as online in the past. Today we would like to let you know that our program “MarburgOnline: VirtualExchange - MO:VE” will be offered again in the next semester (winter term, starting mid-October).


MO:VE is a great opportunity to take courses at Philipps-Universität Marburg and improve intercultural competences without the need to go abroad.


Participants can

  • Take online-classes in various subjects

  • Attend our virtual Orientation Program for international students

  • Take online German language classes

  • Get credits and a Transcript of Records

  • Work with German and international students


MO:VE is free of charge for partner universities.

Partner universities can nominate up to 5 students. You have more than 5 students being interested in MO:VE, just send us an email and we will check how many extra spots we can offer.



Here more information on the program:



October – February (4 months)


What’s it all about?

Subject courses from Marburg semester catalogue (in English or German), German Language Courses


Target audience

Students of all subjects (Fluency in German is no prerequisite for many courses; some classes are taught in English.)



If students would like to register for MO:VE, please be so kind and ask them to complete our online application form.


The link is published on our website.


Registration deadline:

September 19, 2022



Contact information:


All the details are available on our web site: