Grant results for Mevlana Outgoing Student Applications for 2018-2019 Academic Year can be found below:

2018-2019 Mevlana Exchange Program OUTGOING Grant List

Number of METU students who will receive Mevlana grant for the 2018-2019 Academic Year is determined by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK). METU ICO does not make the grant allocation.

For the official announcement sent by YÖK and the monthly grants, please see the attached document.

The students who would like to withdraw from the Mevlana program are required to inform ICO Advisor ( by 15.06.2018. 10 points will be deducted from future Mevlana application points of the students who withdraw after this deadline.

Zero-Grant Participation: The students, who were not allocated scholarship, should contact by 15.06.2018. According to the type of agreement and quota indicated in the agreement, the participation status of zero-grant students will be determined.



1- Withdrawal: If you would like to withdraw, please send the document in the attachment to ICO Advisor ( by 15.06.2018

2- Semester Preference: If you have not chosen your semester already, please inform your ICO Advisor ( by 15.06.2018

3- Nomination: ICO advisor informs the host institution regarding your Exchange. When nomination is complete, students will be informed. After nomination, students are informed about the requirements of application. It is important that students do not establish contact with the host institution prior to nomination.

4- Application: The nominated students apply to the host institution according to the partner university’s required documents, methods (post or e-mail etc.), and deadlines. Each university requires different documents and methods, and gives different deadlines. Documents required for application can be found on the partner university’s website.

5- Acceptance: If the student meets the partner university’s requirements and completed the application before the deadline, they receive “letter of acceptance"

     a. After Acceptance

           i. Visa (if necessary): The students should contact the host institution and the consulate/embassy to learn about the requirements and documents for visa. If visa support document is needed, ICO advisor will prepare this document (the student should inform their ICO advisor prior to the visa appointment, since the preparation of the document takes up to 3-4 days)

           ii. Leave of Absence: All students should have a leave of absence in order to be exempt from their departments during the semester abroad. Letter of acceptance, Academic Confirmation Form (can be found here), and petition for leave of absence should be submitted to the department. Each department and faculty may have different requirements for leave of absence. Without this document, it is not possible for the students to sign the grant contract

           iii. Leave from Dormitories: Students who accommodate at campus dormitories need to apply to Directorate of Dormitories with a petition (can be found here) to reserve the right to stay in dormitories before starting their mobility. Student who do not stay in dormitories do not need to follow these procedures.

           iv. Learning Protocol: This is a tentative document that indicates the courses the student is planning to attend to at the host institution. Students should fill this form (can be found here), and obtain the first two signatures from the department, and submit it to their ICO advisor for the third signature. Afterwards, to obtain the fourth and fifth signature, student will receive the document back. Without LP document, it is not possible for the students to sign the grant contract. If changes occur in terms of the courses that student actually takes, another document (LP-Changes) will be prepared.

           v. Compulsory Health Insurance: All students should have a health insurance that is valid in the host institution’s country, and for the whole period of their stay. Without this document, it is not possible for the students to sign the grant contract.

           vi. Grant Contract: After all the above-mentioned documents are completed, student prepares the grant contract and brings it to the ICO advisor. The 80% of the total payment is made prior to departure. The remaining 20% is made after the mobility is complete and the transcript arrives.

6- During Mobility Procedures:

      a. Learning Protocole-Changes: This is an important document, which allows the student to show the changes that took place in the original Learning Protocole (LP) that was prepared before the mobility. If there are differences between the original LP and the actual courses that the student took at the host institution, the student should make LPC. Only (a) the courses that were not written in the original LP (b) the ones that are deleted from it should be indicated. If there are NO differences between LP and courses, there is no need to do it.

7- Return Procedures:

     a. Certificate of attendance: Please download it from the following link and receive the necessary signatures. This document should be either sent to the ICO advisor directly via e-mail by the home institution OR as the original hard copy.

     b. Recognition/Transfer of courses: After the transcript is issued and is sent to ICO by the host institution, the AOF-Dönüş should be prepared. (Can be found here) Original transcript and AOF-Dönüş should be given to the department secretary, and one copy of each should be given to ICO advisor.

     c. Reports: Nihai Rapor ve Öğrenci Bilgi Formu should be filled and sent to the ICO advisor after the mobility is over.

     d. Passport Stamps: The copies of the pages which your exit and entrance (from and to Turkey) should be given to the ICO advisor.

     e. 20% payment: Payment is made according to the calculation below:

20% of the total amount * (ECTS passed/ECTS taken)

8- General Information:

     a. Address: Always provide our office address in order for posts not to be lost.

International Cooperations Office
Solmaz Izdemir Hall, Main Library Building
Middle East Technical University
Universiteler Mah. Dumlupinar Blv. No:1
06800 Ankara TURKEY
Fax: +90 312 210 7176

      b. Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
10:00 - 12:00
14:00 - 16:00
No office hours on Wednesdays due to office meetings!