English Proficiency Exam for  Erasmus Traineeship Applications-Second Call will be held on  April 18,  2017 at 17.30. The exam will take place at International Cooperations Office.

Those who will take the exam are kindly invited to be ready at 17.00 at International Cooperations Office (Library Building, Solmaz İzdemir Hall). 


The exam is compulsory for Erasmus KA103 Student Mobility and  Erasmus Traineeship Programs applicants. However, students who requested that their scores of a previous English Proficiency Exam for Erasmus program be taken into account will not take the exam.


In addition, the applicants who take EEPE in 2016-2017 Academic Year will not be able to take the exam, either.


Important Notice: Applicants who have another exam in their department at the EEPE time should submit a petition from their instructor.