English Proficiency Exam for Erasmus+ European Student Mobility,  Erasmus Traineeship and Mevlana Programs will be held on March 2, Saturday at 11.00 a.m in the Department of Basic English, Buildings E, F and G. Those who will take the exam have to  be ready at 10.30 a.m. in the Department of Basic English, E, F and G Buildings. The list of participants will be avaliable on the buildings on the exam date. 

 The exam is compulsory for Erasmus+ European Student Mobility,  Erasmus Traineeship and MevlanaPrograms applicants. However, students who requested that their scores of a previous English Proficiency Exam for Erasmus program be taken into account will not take the exam. If the applicants have selected " I want to take EPEEP" option during their applications, they do not need to anything further to participate to the exam. 

In addition, the applicants who take  EPEEP in December 8, 2018 will not be able to take the exam, either.