Selection results for Erasmus+ Non-European Exchange Program (KA107 International Credit Mobility-ICM) Outgoing Student Applications for 2021-2022 Academic Year can be found below:

For the students who were placed at a university with or without grant, it is not possible to change their university for any reason!

  • Placed with Grant: Students who were placed at a university and received Erasmus+ grant.

  • Placed without Grant: Students who were placed at a university without Erasmus+ grant (due to grant quota specific to each country) are “reserve for grant (hibe için yedek)”. These students may receive Erasmus+ grant if a granted student in the same country withdraws from the program and no new students get placed in that quota with a higher Overall Score.

*** Please read the attached info sheet and the information below carefully. ***


Procedures After Selection:

These procedures are valid for both students with and without grant!!!

Students who have been placed to a university are required to contact International Cooperations Office (ICO) and specify their semester preference until 15 February 2021: Cansu Bolgül ( While determining your semester preference, please also consider the application deadline of your university.


Students who decide to withdraw from the program are required to contact ICO until 1 March 2021, 12.00 am (noon time). Students who withdraw from the program without a force major reason after 1 March 2021 will lose 10 points in their future Erasmus applications (including Erasmus+ applications for European countries that will be conducted in March 2021) at the same study cycle (academic level). 

Even though the participants do not conduct their mobility yet if the applicants do not withdraw -;10 points will be decreased because of being selected and granted in this call.

(Yerleştiği üniversiteye gitmekten vazgeçen öğrencilerin 1 Mart 2021, öğlen saat 12.00'ye kadar Uluslararası İşbirliği Ofisi’ne bilgi vermeleri gerekmektedir (Cansu Bolgül: 1 Mart 2021’den sonra mücbir bir sebebe dayanmaksızın programdan çekilen öğrenciler, (aynı akademik seviye içindeki) bir sonraki Erasmus başvurularında (Mart ayında alınacak Avrupa içi Erasmus+ program başvuruları da dahil olmak üzere) 10 puan kaybedeceklerdir. Puan kesintisi için bu başvuru döneminde seçilmiş olmak (henüz programdan yararlanılmasa da) yeterli olacaktır. 


Selected students will be able to get detailed information for Erasmus+ process in their advisor meeting which will be organized on 02 February 2021, Tuesday (15.00-16.00) via WEBEXMETU. As it will not be possible for advisors to explain the whole process to each student individually, it is compulsory to attend this meeting. 

Details can be found below:

Meeting link:

Meeting number:

121 521 9851




Selection Criteria: 

Students’ semester, department, overall grade and agreement quotas as well as academic assessment of the departments have been taken into consideration during the selection process.

According to program regulations, 50% of CGPA and 50% of the English language test score are taken into account in electing prospective Erasmus students. 


Besides, before calculating the 50% of the CGPA, a coefficient is applied on the CGPA according to the applicants' department and semester information as below:


Student CGPA: 3.15

CGPA of the related department's students in the same semester with the applicant: 2.89

Ratio: 3.15/2.89 = 1.09


Overall Erasmus application score: 3.15x26.09 = 82.18

*the convergent factor to calculate 50% of the CGPA = 25


In addition:

  • 10 points were deduced from the Overall Score of those students who have participated in any of the Erasmus programs in the same study cycle (10 points deduced per each participation).

  • 10 points were deduced from the Overall Score of those students who have been selected for 2020-2021 Spring  Semester and/or postpone their mobilities for 2021-2021 Fall Semester Erasmus European Mobility Programs 

  • 15 points was added to the overall score of the students who are the children of martyrs and veterans.

  • 10 points was added to the overall score of the students who have been under protection by 2828 Social Services Law.

  • 10 points were added to the Overall Score of the students with disabilities.


Grant Conditions:


Students selected for this program will receive 700 Euro per month and also travel support ranging from 275-1500 Euro according to distance between Ankara and the city that they will study.




It is possible to participate in the program without grant as well.


Students with disabilities can apply for additional funds if they are placed for a university. For disabled participants, it is possible to receive additional grants to meet their specific needs. In order for the disabled participants to be given additional grants, the beneficiary higher education institution is required to request additional grants from the Turkish National Agency. The applications for additional grants should be made during the term of the contract, but in any case up to 60 days before the contract end date. The Turkish National Agency will evaluate each application specifically and determine whether the additional grant can be granted, and if so, the appropriate grant amount. In order to learn more about the application forms, you may visit the following website:


Important Notice: 

1) At the beginning of your Erasmus programme, you are expected to take 30 ECTS of 5 courses* and indicate those courses at Learning Agreement Before the Mobility. If the students cannot pass at least 20 ECTS credits out of 30, 30% of their grant will not be paid.

If partner university’s credits are systematically low (2-3 ECTS) for all courses or if the partner university does not use ECTS credits, ECTS course weights are evaluated on a number of courses basis (5 courses).

**Students who cannot satisfy 20 ECTS course load with 5 courses are required to pass 3/5 of the courses taken

*The courses taken in the host university must be recognized at METU after return.

2) The courses completed successfully in the host university must be transferred into METU after return.

3) After the announcement of results, selected candidates will apply for the partner universities with the guidance of the ICO advisor. Please note that partner universities may have additional requirements (like minimum CGPA, language document etc.). Partner universities reserve the right to deny the application of the nominees that do not meet their requirements. Therefore, placement by METU does not guarantee your acceptance from the partner university due to their CGPA, language, department, etc. restrictions.


Objection to Selection Results:

Applicants who would like to object to the selection results made according to the above criteria must apply to ICO with a written petition within one week from the date of the announcement. The written applications will be evaluated by the University Exchange Programs Commission.