Main List (Granted) and Waiting List

The main list and waiting list for Erasmus+ KA103 Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments application results can be found in this link.

Applicants can check the results by using the numbers assigned for their applications. Applicants have already been  informed by their application numbers via e-mail. In case of a problem about application numbers, applicants may a contact with

Applicants’ number of working years were received from the Department of Personnel on 21.11.2018. While calculating the previous mobilities and the regarding scores, the participations until 21.11.2018  were taken into account.

If a participant withdraws from the main list, the applicants in the waiting list will be informed in accordance with their overall score.We are waiting for an additional grant from Turkish National Agency, if the University gets the grant, it will be distributed according to this list.

Selection Criteria:

Applicants may visit the below website in order to learn more about the application criteria used in the Erasmus+ KA103 STA applications:

Required Procedures for Awarded Applicants:

10 points will be decreased from the granted participants for their next Erasmus applications, (with European or non-European countries), until the end of this call (31 May 2020). Even though the participants do not conduct their mobility yet;10 points will be decreased because of being selected and granted in this call.

The receiving organisation must be a Programme Country HEI awarded with an ECHE. Before the mobility takes place, both the academic department in METU and partner HEI must sign an interinstitutional agreement. You may visit the below website in order to find the list of current Erasmus+ agreements within the framework of Erasmus+ KA103 STA:

If applicants would like to visit a non-partner HEI, they may talk with the related institution in order to initiate Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement which may be found in the above website (“Erasmus Agreement Draft”). The Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement must be finalized before mobility takes place.

Important Notice: Participants are expected to realize their mobility in the Universities  which they have already applied. Since each country has a different amount of daily grant, it will not be possible for participants to change their destinations with another country having higher amount of daily grant or travel support.

Duration of the Activities:

The teaching activity can take place between 2 days and 5 days excluding travel time. In all cases, a teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week (or any shorter period of stay). If the teaching activity/teaching hours last less than 2 days/8 hours (minimum requirement), the activity is considered as void and the grant payment is not made for the related activity.

Officially, Erasmus+ KA103 Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments activity for 2018 project term takes place between the dates: 05.12.2018-31.05.2020.

Required Documents

Before the Mobility

  • Official Invitation Letter (signed and stampted by the receiving institution)
  • Erasmus+ HE Staff Mobility agreement – teaching form (confirmed by all required parties)
  • Euro Account at Vakıfbank METU Branch
  • Erasmus+HE Staff Mobility Grant Agreement  (filled and signed with the help of ICO advisor)

After the Mobility

  • Certificate of Attendance (original document confirmed by the receiving institution)
  • Boarding Pass
  • ·         EU Survey (to be sent by ICO advisor)

Erasmus+ Grants

Daily Grant Amounts



Daily Grant


1st Group

UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland,

Sweden, Iceland, Lichenstein, Luxembourg, Norway

153 Euro

2nd Group

Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Cyprus, Holland, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal,


136 Euro

3rd Group

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Letonia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Crotia, Lithuania, Slovenia

119 Euro

6.2. Travel Amount by Distance

The travel amount is calculated by using the below “Distance Calculator”:

The distance calculator is used to determine the distance between the location where the staff is resident and the city of activity.


Obtained “km” Value

Grant Amount

100-499 km


500-1999 km


2000-2999 km


3000-3999 km


4000-7999 km


8000 km


For disabled participants, it is possible to receive additional grants to meet their specific needs. In order for the disabled staff to be given additional grants, the beneficiary higher education institution is required to request additional grants from the Turkish National Agency. The applications for additional grants should be made during the term of the contract, but in any case up to 60 days before the contract end date. The Turkish National Agency will evaluate each application specifically and determine whether the additional grant can be granted, and if so, the appropriate grant amount. In order to learn more about the application forms, you may visit the following website:

 Erasmus Staff Mobility without Grant (Zero-Grant)

It is possible to participate in Erasmus staff mobility programme without grant. Those staff who would like to participate in the programme without grant need to make application and their applications need to be evaluated as the others. Those participants with zero grant have to fulfill rights and obligations of the program.

Objection to Selection Results

Academic staff who would like to object to the selection results made according to the above criteria must apply to ICO with a written petition within one week from the date of the announcement. The written applications will be evaluated by the University Exchange Programs Commission.


If you have any questions about the Program, you can contact the International Cooperations Office: