This summer, The 10th  Summer Camp of International Economics and Management Scholars at NEU will offer students a precious opportunity to study FOR FREE with brilliant young minds from around the world.   

One undergraduate student from your university shall be accepted to participate in the 2019 NEU Summer Camp of International Economics and Management Scholars.

The Camp is starting on 6th July 2019 in Shenyang.

There is no application fee or registration fee for the participants.

Transportation and accommodation are provided for the duration of the Camp, plus international air tickets from your country of residence to Shenyang and back.

It is to be noted that insurance for participants is not covered and shall be purchased by the participant before departure to China.

Introduction to the Summer Camp including teaching team and the schedule are attached to this e-mail.

We are looking forward to welcoming students from partner universities and giving participants a fantastic culture experiencing adventure!   


If the student participating in the Camp, complete the application form (as attached) and send it back to by e-mail before 31th May 2019.

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