The 2019 SBA Global Academy Summer Camp is a two-week, credits-conferring, English-taught summer programme themed as Dialogue on Chinese and Foreign Enterprises Management scheduled from 14 July to 27 July 2019 in Chengdu, China.


It is open to full time bachelor and master students. The programme fee is WAIVED for our partner universities! And you can send up to 5 students. We will cover the 2-week costs of accommodation, meals, courses, company visits and tours in Chengdu. Participants only cover their round-trip air tickets, visa, insurance and personal costs.


SBA is a member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and member of the Higher Education and Research in Management of European Universities (HERMES). In 2014, SBA became the first business school in west China to receive EQUIS accreditation for a three-year term. In 2016, SBA passed Chinese Advanced Management Education Accreditation (CAMEA) and ranked No. 90 in FT Masters in Management 2016 World Ranking. In July 2018, SBA Global Academy Summer Camp hosted 63 participants from our partners.


Why to join the 2019 SBA Global Academy Summer Camp?

- Study in one of the best-performing cities in China, as reported in Best-Performing Cities China 2017: The Nation's Most Successful Economies released by Milken Institute Asia Centre; A new first-tier city located in the heart of Southwestern China, bustling with history, culture and sport.

- Obtain cross-cultural experiential learning opportunities and study on the management of Chinese and foreign enterprises.

- Make friends, earn credits, and get ready for the best summer of your life; A certificate from SBA and 2 credits to serve as a permanent record for your academic achievements and active engagement during this memorable experience. 


Join us in SBA to explore new business opportunities, taste delicious Sichuan food, visit the home of giant panda, and discover the enchantment of Chengdu in summer.



Prostoy Hotel (subject to change)

Two students will share a twin room with two single beds.



Please send the Nomination Form by 30 March 2019.



After nominated, please apply online ( by 15 April 2019.



A list of enclosed documents:

-     Nomination Form

-     Flyer of 2019 SBA Global Academy Summer Camp

-     Schedule of 2018 SBA Global Academy Summer Camp (for reference)


If there are any changes to the schedule, courses and hotel, we will keep you informed.


Should you require further information, please feel free to contact

Attachment 1- Brochure

Attachment 2 - Schedule

Attachment 3 - Nomination Form