METU’s Membership to EUA

METU has been member of EUA since 1992, when EUA was even not formed but merged with other networks at later periods. Time to time, university administrators from the top management attended the meetings; however, this never became a regular tradition and until 2013 METU Presidents have not attended any EUA meetings. In 2013, President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar attended only one of the EUA meetings. At later periods, President Mustafa Verşan Kök attended the EUA event and even presented in EUA 2019 Annual Conference. However, there is no clear data and information about President Süha Sevük's period when METU became a member. Since EUA has power, to a certain degree, to influence and guide the EU and the Commission in making political decisions, an active participation in activities and the EUA meetings have been founb beneficial for METU's internationalization efforts.

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EUA has more than 850 members including more than 50 Turkish universities, the members directory can be accessed from here

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