a) Course Change
The student can make alterations in the courses, which were previously determined after they start their education at the host university with the learning agreement (due to unopened courses, full quota and other similar reasons). The student must get into contact with Departmental Erasmus Coordinator and receive the confirmation for any course alteration. The new courses must be determined by consulting to Departmental Erasmus Coordinator of the department in METU.
When the new course list is finalized, the student commits the alterations on During the Mobility part of the Learning Agreement or Changes to Learning Agreement part in the OLA system and sends it to Departmental Erasmus Coordinator in METU within 4-6 weeks via e-mail / through the OLA system. Then, it must be sent to ICO with all the necessary signatures obtained. The rule of 30 ETCS credits in total is considered for the course alterations which will be made During the Mobility stage of the Learning Agreement.
There is no need to fill the During the Mobility part for those students who did not make any course alterations.
b) Change of Dates
In case that the duration of the mobility which was previously determined is increased, ICO must be notified at least 1 month before and the additional agreement must be signed.(Additional Grant Agreement / Additional Grant Agreement-ZeroGrant) If the additional agreement is not signed within this period, there will be no grant payment for the additional period.
In case that the student stays at the host university less than it is stated on the grant agreement and when there is need to refund, the excess amount determined by ICO must be returned to ICO within 30 days.