Erasmus+ KA171 (Non-European Countries) Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA) is a mobility activity that allows academic staff of a Higher Education Institution (HEI) to teach and carry joint academic/educational activities at a partner HEI in the program countries around the globe. Erasmus+ KA171 Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments might include a variety of activities such as lecturing, hands-on teaching activities, giving a seminar and organizing a workshop.

1. Partner Universities and Application Period:

Erasmus+ extends beyond Europe, allowing for mobility from and to other parts of the world (between 33 Program and 84 Partner Countries). Program Countries are those countries participating fully in the Erasmus+ program. Turkey is one of the 33 Program Countries. Partner Countries cover the rest of the world outside the European Union.

In order to conduct teaching mobility, there must be a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement between METU and the partner institution. Countries as well as partner lists that can be granted change every year within the framework of the Program budget allocated by Turkish National Agency. For each call of Erasmus+ KA171 Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments, the list of countries/partner universities are updated in accordance with the Program budget allocated to METU. 

International Cooperations Office (ICO) announces the application deadlines and procedures at least 20 days prior to applications. Application announcements are sent to International Offices of the related partner universities via e-mails. International Offices in the related partner universities organize a fair, transparent and documented selection process and send the nomination and applications of the teaching staff to ICO. The number of teaching staff that can be nominated is announced by ICO depending on the Program grant allocated to METU.

Application Period: 1 September- 15 October 

Frequently Asked Questions for Erasmus+ KA171 Partners

2. Application Requirements and Documents:

Applicants must be

  • a member of the partner university and they must actively work at the time of application,

  • employed for teaching and lecturing at the partner university,

  • have a minimum English proficiency level of B2,

  • selected and nominated by the partner university during the application period

Important Note: Applications received other than the official application period will not be accepted.

Once the partner university completes the selection process, following application documents must be sent to ICO at the first place:

  • ICM Academic Staff Nomination Document (please see attached)

  • Selection Committee Report (please see attached)

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Mobility proposal  (please see attached)

  • Home university confirmation letter (please see attached)

  • Copy of passport / national ID card


3. Duration of the Activities: 

According to KA171 program rules, duration of teaching mobility ranges from 5 days to 2 months (max.) excluding travel time. However, as the Program budget allocated to METU changes every year, the maximum duration of the teaching mobility may subject to change. In order to learn the exact durations, applicants need to check the list of available budget/quota for each country, which will be specifically announced in each application call.

For those countries which have a budget to support more than one week, it may be possible to allocate the whole budget for one teaching staff, if there is only one applicant. In case of having more than one application, the available budget will be shared among applicants according to program rules.

For one-week (5 working days) participation, the teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week. For teaching activities that will last more than one week (5 working days), the minimum teaching hour must be calculated in proportion to the minimum requirement (e.g., 16 hours/10 working days, 24 hours/15 working days).

Important notes:


  • If the teaching activity/teaching hours last less than the minimum requirements, the activity is considered as void by the funding body and the grant payment will not be made for the related activity.
  • The activity must take place until the end of related project term, which will be announced by ICO. For instance, mobilities conducted within the framework of 2016-2018 project term, the teaching activity must be finalized by 31 July 2018.

 4. Erasmus+ KA171 (Non-European Countries) Program Grants for Staff Mobility:

Daily Grant Amounts

For incoming teaching mobility period, the grant per day is 140 €. For the mobility period exceeding 14 days, the grant per day is 98 €.

Travel Grant by Distance

In addition to the daily grants, the travel grant is calculated by using the “Distance Calculator” below:

The distance calculator is used to determine the distance between the location where the staff is residing and the place of activity. The kilometers in distance calculated by the distance calculator corresponds to the round-trip and the amount does not get multiplied by two.


Obtained “km” Value

Grant Amount (€)

Green Travel Grant Amount (€)

10-99 km



100-499 km



500-1999 km



2000-2999 km



3000-3999 km



4000-7999 km



+8000 km



Important Note: Participants receive 70 % of the total financial support at the beginning of their mobility period and the remaining 30 % when the teaching programme is over.

*Green Travel

In case the staff member prefers sustainable means of transport in both directions (e.g. using railway, maritime transport, car-pooling with other Erasmus+ programme beneficiaries or using bus), the distance-based travel grant is considered as green travel. The grant amount is calculated according to the relevant part of the table. Whether the staff member can be considered within the scope of green travel is determined by the submission of the relevant travel documents to the International Cooperation Office and the evaluation of the Turkish National Agency.

 A Sample of Grant Calculation

For a visit from Georgia for 5 working days, the total grant is calculated as follows:

Daily Grant: 140*5 (mobility days) + 140*2 (travel days) = 980 €

Travel Grant: 275 €

Total Grant: 1255 €


For a visit from Singapore for 15 working days, the total grant is calculated as follows:

Daily Grant: 140*14 (mobility days) +98*1 (mobility days exceeding 14)+98*2 (travel days) =  2254 €

Travel Grant: 1100 €

Total Grant: 3354 €

5. Additional Grant for Disabled Participants:


For disabled participants, it is possible to receive additional grants to meet their specific needs. In order for the disabled staff to be given additional grants, METU ICO is required to request additional grants from the Turkish National Agency. The applications for additional grants should be made during the term of the contract, but in any case up to 60 days before the contract end date. The Turkish National Agency will evaluate each application specifically and determine whether the additional grant can be granted, and if so, the appropriate grant amount. In order to learn more about the application forms, you may contact METU ICO.


6. Erasmus Staff Mobility without Grant (Zero-Grant):

It is possible to participate in Erasmus staff mobility programme without a grant. Those staff members who would like to participate in the programme without a grant need to submit an application and their applications need to be evaluated along with all the others. Those participants with zero grant also have to fulfill rights and obligations of the program.

7. Required Documents for the Selected Beneficiaries:

Before the Arrival

  • Application and Nomination Documents: indicated in item 2
  • Erasmus+ HE Staff Mobility agreement – teaching form: confirmed by all required parties
  • Health Insurance: A copy of health insurance document (English version) must be submitted to METU ICO. It is compulsory that beneficiaries have a valid health insurance in Turkey with sufficient coverage especially in cases of repatriation and specific medical intervention. It is beneficiaries’ responsibility to purchase and provide such an insurance if required. METU is not liable for the costs incurred by medication or hospitalization related to the mobility activity.
  • Please see the attached orientation package.


After the Arrival

  • Erasmus+ HE Staff Mobility Grant Agreement: filled and signed with the help of ICO advisor. According to EU programme rules, METU ICO will sign a grant contract upon the arrival of beneficiaries at METU which regulates the financial aspect of the mobility. Please note that this instalment will be made available to beneficiaries during the mobility period.
  • Flight Tickets and Boarding passes (for round trip): For EU grant regulations beneficiaries should keep their flight tickets + boarding passes and submit them to METU ICO. If beneficiaries are not travelling by plane, they must keep their relevant travel tickets instead. Please note that without these documents it is not possible to make individual support payment for travel days.
  • EU Survey: an online survey which will be sent by ICO advisor to beneficiary’s e-mail address
  • Certificate of Attendance: provided by METU ICO


8. Useful Information for the Selected Beneficiaries:

Please find attached  an orientation package including information like how to get to METU campus, accommodation, social life, etc.

8.1. How to Apply for Campus Accommodation:

Beneficiaries who would like to stay in METU guesthouses need to contact with ICO advisors before their mobility period. ICO advisors will communicate with guesthouses and inform the beneficiary about the availability of the rooms. Please note that ICO does its best to arrange a room for Erasmus+ beneficiaries. However, because of the high demand, for certain periods of the semester, it may not be possible to offer rooms for each beneficiary.

8.2. Campus Accommodation Options:

METU Guesthouse (ODTÜ Misafirhanesi)

METU's Guesthouse, located on METU Campus grounds within the Campus Faculty Housing Complex, conveniently near the Sports and Social Facilities, the Shopping Mall, Banks, Post Office and public transportation facilities, provides 24-hour service to the local and international guests. METU Guest House is within walking distance from the Conference Venue. The main Guesthouse building has six two-room suites, six double rooms and six single rooms. And in separate buildings there are three large apartments together with seven studio apartments providing in all a total capacity of 52 beds for 65 guests. On the main floor of the main Guesthouse, there is a sitting room and a breakfast room open for all guests. Each room has Wi-Fi and cable internet, a cable TV, a telephone, and a small refrigerator. A computer with Internet connection, located in the sitting room on the ground floor, is available for all guests. Hot water is available for 24-hours. Daily served open-buffet breakfast is also available for the guests.

In order to check the images of METU Guesthouse, you may visit the website below:

Prices for METU Guesthouse (valid for 2022-2023 Academic Year*):

  • Single Room: 260 TL
  • Double Room: 400 TL
  • Suite Single Room: 300 TL
  • Suite Double Room: 470 TL
  • Triple Room: 520 TL

* Prices are subject change for different academic years

Important Note: METU Guesthouse is located in METU campus. For its exact location, please see the interactive METU map: