Overseas Exchange is a program which allows students to visit a partner university for one semester or one academic year within the bilateral exchange agreements. METU does not provide any scholarships for this program. The students who wish to participate into this program apply to METU and are subject to a selection process by METU. 
Tuition Fee
The selected students do not pay any tuition fee to the host institution (with some exceptions announced each year); however, they continue paying their tuition fees for their studies at METU.
Other Expenses
Students are responsible for:
  • their own transportation to and from the Host University.
  • books and school supplies.
  • all living and personal expenses while at the host institution.
Students accepted by the universities in Australia, Canada, the USA and most other countries must pay for health insurance before they can be registered.
Students may be required to provide an official bank statement to the host university/consulate of the host country indicating they have available financial resources.
Courses and Recognition
Students must return to METU at the end of the exchange period and complete their program at METU. Participating in the exchange program does not mean the student is transferring to another university. Students can participate in an exchange program for a maximum of one academic year.
At the end of the program, the host university sends a transcript to METU including all courses taken by the student. The transcript is evaluated by the student's department. The department's recommendation concerning the transfer of credits is sent for approval to the Faculty Committee and finally to the Registrar's Office.

In order to implement the "full recognition" rule within the framework of Erasmus+ and other exchange programs in a healthy way, with the decision of METU Exchange Programs Commission dated 05.02.2024,  all courses taken by students within the scope of exchange programs must be included in the METU transcripts, the successful courses will be indicated with a separate statement and their METU equivalents will be written, and the unsuccessful courses will be indicated in the remarks section of the transcripts together with their names and course codes from the host institution.

Therefore, as of 05.02.2024, the updated Academic Confirmation Form Return document must be used in the course substitution processes carried out in METU Departments/Faculties and Institutes.  It is mandatory to indicate all the successful and unsuccessful courses taken at the hosting institution in this updated form.

You can access the form here: https://ico.metu.edu.tr/useful-documents

For further information after the selection process, please click for Turkish and English information sheets.