Incoming exchange students at METU are exempted from paying tuition fee during their study period. The only expenses during the exchange period are living and accommodation costs.


LIVING EXPENSES (Approximate) 


Campus dormitories (subject to change):

As METU offers a wide range of accommodation options for incoming exchange students, the accommodation expenses vary. The monthly fees at campus dormitories are calculated and determined by the cost calculations (heating, hot water, electricity, personnel expenses, material purchases and maintenance/repair). Dormitory fee increase rates, prepared in line with this information, are determined by the University Administrative Board:

The link of Directorate of Dormitories:

Students are required to make payments upon arrival. Students are advised to bring enough cash which can be converted easily into Turkish Liras at one of the Campus Banks to cover deposits and the first month’s dormitory fee. Credit cards are not accepted. Approximate costs of dormitories per month vary from 60 to 200 USD depending on the allocated dorms.


Incidental and Personal Expenses:

  • Estimated living expenses for students are around 400EUR to 700EUR -all inclusive- per month.
  • Books and other administrative fees are approximately 100EUR to 150EUR per semester, maximum.
  • Housing (Off campus): approximately 200EUR-300EUR depending on the apartment.
  • Meal: 100EUR-150EUR (monthly)
  • Local transportation: 20EUR-50EUR (monthly)
  • Textbooks: 100EUR (per semester), maximum.


Unit of Currency in Turkey

The currency unit of Turkey is Türk Lirası (Turkish Liras, TL) and its symbol is as in the following:

1 Turkish Lira is subdivided into 100 Kuruş (kr). Coins and banknotes are demonstrated as follows: Coins: 5 kr, 10 kr, 25 kr, 50 kr, 1 and Banknotes: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200


Opening a Bank Account in Turkey

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility and Mevlana exchange programs require that all granted incoming students must have a bank account in Turkey (Vakıfbank ODTÜ branch) for the transfer of their grants. Along with those students, other incoming students to METU may need to open a bank account in Turkey for their daily transactions.  

According to banking regulations of the country, non-Turkish customers must submit the following:

• Letter from the director of your dorm, if you are staying in a campus dorm (this letter can be obtained after registering your permanent dorm). 

• Letter from ICO, if you are staying outside the campus

• Tax number (Vergi kimlik numarası) 

In order to obtain a Turkish tax number, please visit one of the tax offices (Vergi Dairesi) either in Kızılay and its neighboring area or in Bakanlıklar/Kavaklıdere district on Ataturk Bolevard near TBMM (Turkish Parliament).