Before the application and admission, all students are advised to examine the visa procedures specific to their country to enter Turkey. The necessary information can be found on this link.
It is an individual responsibility of each student to learn about and collect/submit necessary documents for visa. METU ICO cannot provide council on visa since more accurate and complete information is available at Embassies; however, amy required document for visa application may be provided, if requested by the Embassy or the student.
For those incoming students who require a visa to enter Turkey should apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate/Embassy with the necessary documents. The Embassies and Consulates list can be viewed from this link.
Necessary Documents for Visa
Each applicant may be required to submit different documents; however, the basic documents are as follow:
  1. Application Fee: Application fees depend on the country and duration of the visa. 
  2. Letter of Acceptance: All students who are accepted to METU as an Exchange/Erasmus+/Mevlana student receive a letter of acceptance. Letter of acceptance is the document proving that the student have been officially accepted by METU as an Exchange/Erasmus+/Mevlana student. The document also includes the financial details of the exchange semester. Acceptance letter may be used for visa purposes for those who are required to have a visa to enter Turkey. 
  3. Passport: The passport the student uses during the application must be valid until the end of the exchange semester in Turkey.
  4. Proof of Finances: In addition to the financial support indicated in the letter of acceptance, the students may be required to submit additional proof of finances.
  5. Travel Insurance: The students may be required to submit travel insurance. 
  6. Support Documents: ICO provides visa support documents to the Embassy/Consulate the student applies to, through METU, The Turkish National Agency, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Migration Office.

Additional to the documents above, the Embassy/Consulate may require other documents. For further information, it is imperative that you contact the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate.


Regardless of the visa status (student/no visa), all incoming students must apply online for a Residence Permit within one month of arrival to Turkey (except for dual citizens and holders of Blue Card)  During the orientation program, specific sessions regarding the residence permit procedures will be held, and METU ICO provides assistance all through the residence permit procedures to all of the exchange students. The brochure published by Migration Office of Turkey can be viewed here.
Necessary Documents for Residence Permit
1. Online Application: All incoming students must apply online for a Residence Permit within one month of arrival to Turkey from this link.
2. Student Certificate: It will be prepared by METU ICO for each student.
3. Health Insurance: All applicants have to submit a valid health insurance during the appointment.
      a. If the student made a health insurance in home country, he/she should bring it to his/her  ICO advisor for approval of validity.
      b. If the student made a health insurance in Turkey, he/she can directly go.
4. Pink folder: obtained from ICO
5. Accommodation information:
      a.On-campus accommodation: Letter from the director of dorm
      b.Off-campus accommodation: 

             i.    Rent contract (notary approved): if the signer of the contract of the flat is the student the rent contract approved by the                     notary should be taken to the appointment. 

             ii.    Rent contract (notary approved) + confirmation document written by contract holder (notary approved):  if the student                     shares the flat with someone, the signer of the contract must give a confirmation document approved by notary. Closest                     notaries can be seen here.

6. Four photographs: Applicant’s name and surname should be written on their backs

7. Passport

8. Copy of the passport: identity information page, Turkish visa page and all pages with stamps must be copied.

9. Application fee: All students will pay 565 Turkish Liras for application; the fee will be paid to Vakıfbank or Ziraat Bankası with the reference number 9207. You will not pay any extra fees. (up-to-date information about Residence Permit procedures can be obtained from the following link

Give all these documents to your ICO advisor at once, and not separately.