Application Procedures
Please note that this application is NOT for Erasmus+ with European Countries.
Each academic year towards the end of the fall semester, METU ICO opens application calls for outgoing students in line with the available quotas and destinations.
Application period is organized on November
Please check our website announcements frequently for further information.
For further information about Erasmus+ Non-European Exchange Program (KA171 International Credit Mobility-ICM) 2022-2023 Academic Year, please visit the website below:
Application Criteria
Students can apply for Erasmus+ Non-European Exchange Program (KA171 International Credit Mobility – ICM) only if:
- CGPA is at least 2.50 as of the application deadline (undergraduate level)
- CGPA is at least 3.00 as of the application deadline (graduate level)
Please bear in mind that students:
-Should have METU course load of minimum 30 ECTS for the semester in which s/he plans to participate Erasmus Programme. Those MSc and PhD students who completed their course load and in thesis period can also apply as their thesis satisfies the ECTS requirement.
-Should take 30 ECTS course/or 5 courses (when the host university does not use ECTS) at the host university.
-Make sure that 30 ECTS courses will be recognized by their departments upon successfully completion.
Application Procedures

Students must submit their application online between the determined deadlines: ONLINE APPLICATION PLATFORM, Program No:405

International Cooperations Office will discontinue holding English Proficiency Exam for Exchange Programs (EPEEP) based on the University Senate decision given on December 29, 2021. No EPEEP exam will be held starting from 2022. However, students interested in applying to ICO programs such as Erasmus+, Overseas Exchange or Mevlana will be able to bring any English language score taken within the last 5 years before the application period. These score must be one of the METU recognized exams. Please check which exams are recognised by METU from the link and prepare your valid score. Those who prefer their chance of placement to an exchange program may take a new English language test recognised by METU.


Partner Universities

Applicants must make their university preferences by consulting their departmental exchange program coordinators.

List of partner universities and country quotas can be seen in the announcements section for each call.
Students must make sure that their departments and academic levels exist in the host universities.


Selection Criteria:

CGPA and EPEEP score are taken into account in electing prospective ICM students. Weighted CGPA is calculated for ach applicant depending on the average CGPA in his/her departmental cohort.
In order to calculate the 50% of the CGPA, a coefficient is applied on the CGPA according to the applicants' department and semester information as below:
Student CGPA: 3.15
Average CGPA of the same department & semester: 2.89
Ratio: 3.15 / 2.89 = 1.09
25(*) + 1.09=26.09
Overall Score: 3.15 x 26.09 = 82.18
(*) the convergent factor to calculate 50% of the CGPA = 25
    • Applicants with disabilities (approved by medical report) get 10 additional points. Medical reports concerning their diasbility must be submitted to International Cooperations Office (ICO) before the application deadline.
    • It is possible to benefit from the Erasmus+ Programs (Erasmus European Study, Erasmus Traineeship, Erasmus+ Non-European ICM) more than once. Students can participate in the programs up to 12 months for each level of study (UG, MSc, PhD).10 points will be deduced from the overall grade of the students who have benefited from any of the above programs before within the same study level. Previous participation in the program in different study levels does not cause any deduction in the overall grade.
    • 10 points will be deduced from the overall grade of the students who have withdrawn from the program after the announced deadline for the previous Erasmus+ Program Applications.
    • 10 points will be added to the overall score of the students who have been under protection by 2828 Social Services Law.
    • 15 points will be added to the overall score of the students who are  the childrens of martyries and veterans.

Grant Conditions

Students selected for this program with grant will receive 700 Euro per month and also travel support ranging from 275-1500 Euro according to distance between Ankara and the city that they will study.
For each application announcement, availablility of grant is announced in terms of country.
It is possible to participate in the program without grant as well.
Students with disabilities can apply for additional funds if they are placed for a university.


For more information about the program please read our latest INFO SHEET in English.