Incoming Exchange/Erasmus+/Mevlana students can take courses from different department at any level (UG/MS/PhD) as long as the instructor of the course approves. Prior to the approval, the instructor may require transcript of the student, and syllabi of prerequisite courses that student took at the home institution.

The procedure of course registration is explained thoroughly during the Orientation Week, organized each semester for incoming Exchange/Erasmus+/Mevlana students.

Incoming Exchange/Erasmus+/Mevlana students should pay attention to ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) instead of METU Credits, which can be seen here. The average course load at METU is 5 courses (approximately 30 ECTS) for regular semesters. Students who visit METU within Erasmus+ ICM program must take min. 30 ECTS.

Students are advised to consult with their advisors at METU if they are not sure whether the course (s) they are planning to take is/are under this category or not: 

  • Incoming Exchange/Erasmus+/Mevlana students cannot take courses from Northern Cyprus Campus (Kuzey Kıbrıs Kampüsü) programs since thay are not available to METU-Ankara students. 
  • Moreover, they cannot take courses from evening programs, international joint degree programs since these programs are open only to fee paying degree students. 

  1. Course/prerequisites/restrictions/staff/hours:
  2. Content of courses:
  3. Location of classes:
  4. ODTÜClass:


For each course taken, the student is given one of the following grades by the course teacher. The letter grades, coefficients and percentage equivalents are given below.



90-100 AA                          4

85-89 BA                            3.5

80-84 BB                            3

75-79 CB                           2.5

70-74 CC                           2

65-69 DC                          1.5

60-64 DD                          1

50-59 FD                          0

49 and below FF               0

Other Letter Grades: I- Incomplete, S-Satisfactory Completion, U-Unsatisfactory, P-Satisfactory Progress, EX-Exempt, NI-Not Included, W-Withdrawn , NA-Not attendance  

Grading Explanation