Soochow University Summer in Taiwan Program is scheduled for June 24 to July 12, and we are now in the middle of the active registration phase, we would like to encourage interested students to register soon. For organized group bookings with 10 or more students, we are pleased to offer a discounted rate of USD 70 application fees per student. Additionally, there is a return of USD 200 per person that can be returned to our collaborating institutions. Alternatively, we can convert this USD 200 per person into student scholarships. We will also arrange an office space for the faculty member and facilitate academic exchanges between the faculty member and our colleagues.


The "1+1" model of the SIT Program offers a perfect blend of a Chinese Language Course with Cultural Immersion Courses. Here are some key details:


Dates: June 24 - July 12, 2024

Mode of Attendance: Face-to-face

Level: Undergraduate

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Program Schedule and Course Selection:
AM Session: (Choose one from the AM Session)

  • BUS203 - Understanding Chinese Culture and Markets
  • BUS302 - Doing Business in Asia

PM Session:

  • CHN101 - Beginner Chinese

Total Credits: 6 Credit Units for two courses (Equivalent to 6 U.S credits)

Language of Instruction: English


SIT offers an immersive experience in intensive Chinese language and cultural studies over three weeks, fostering communication skills and a deeper understanding of Asian culture. With smaller class sizes, students engage in interactive learning, forming valuable connections with professors and peers. Additionally, students can earn credits and receive transcripts upon completion, facilitating academic requirements at their home university. SIT also includes enterprise visits and cultural field trips to provide practical insights into the Asian business environment.