Warm greetings from Hong Kong! We are writing to recruit students for Hong Kong Postgraduate Studies of 2023/24 (Research Postgraduate Studies) and 2022/23 (Taught Postgraduate Studies) with an official poster.


Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is ranked as top 15th in the QS Best Student Cities 2022. Located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is best known as an international financial center, the premier trading hub between Mainland China and the rest of the world, with well-established infrastructures of communications and transportations. English is widely used and serves as the medium of instruction for most programmes at universities in Hong Kong. Studying in Hong Kong for postgraduate studies will enable tremendous career opportunities to reach your students, in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.


Types of Programmes

We offer two main types of postgraduate programmes—Research Postgraduate programmes and Taught Postgraduate programmes. Potential candidates should consider their career goals and study plans to identify the most suitable mode of study.


Research Postgraduate Studies

Research Postgraduate programmes focus mainly on research work and require applicants to have good academic background and preferably with solid research experience. These programmes provide students with training in research methodologies in a specific discipline and require students to be involved in research projects. Research Postgraduate programmes lead to qualifications such as Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.).


Further information can be found on the Research Postgraduate Studies page.


Taught Postgraduate Studies

On the other hand, Taught Postgraduate programmes focus mainly on coursework and may not require students to submit a thesis for graduation. Programme structures and assessment methods vary across programmes and areas of studies. Depending on the programme requirements and the level of study, Taught Postgraduate programmes lead to Doctoral degrees, Master’s degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas/Certificates.


Further information can be found on the Taught Postgraduate Studies page.


Generous Financial Support

Various forms of financial support are available to postgraduate students:


Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
Scholarships and Prizes
Postgraduate Studentships
Grants and Loans


For more details, please refer to our website (www.grad.edu.hk).


We would appreciate it if you could share the above information with attached official poster with your students, who might be interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in Hong Kong. We look forward to receiving applications from the students of your University.