This is to inform you that the International Cultural Centre in Kraków has just announced an Open Call for applications to the 22nd edition of Thesaurus Poloniae fellowship programme.

***The deadline for application is on 13.01.2020.

Thesaurus Poloniae is a three-month-long Fellowship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland implemented by the International Cultural Centre in Krakow in autumn 2009.

The programme is addressed to non-residents of Poland  who conduct their research on culture, history and multicultural heritage of the Republic of Poland as well as on Central Europe.

Both the researchers who deal with practical aspects of management and protection of cultural heritage, and theoretists dealing with history, sociology, ethnography, anthropology etc. are welcome to apply and participate in the programme.

Thesaurus Poloniae Fellowship is run in two categories: Senior Programme addressed to university professors and senior lecturers/PhD holders, and Junior Programme addressed to PhD candidates.

The details about the fellowship are to be found at

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