Climate Crisis and its Coping Strategies

International Conference of Al-Qasemi Academic College - 2023

Conference Topics:

  • Applied research and transformations in modern agriculture for food security as a primary goal by 2050.
  • Nature as a resource in the production of environmentally friendly medicines.
  • Environmental crises, including the climate crisis.
  • Renewable Energy: a solution for the climate crisis.


Conference Location:

The conference will be held at Al-Qasemi Academic College. The opening lectures will take place at the auditorium and they will be broadcast live on Facebook. Lecture sessions will either be held in the lecture rooms at the College or online through the Zoom system. Workshops will be held at Al-Qasemi Research a (electronic posters).

Conference Dates: 12-15/ 3/2023.

Important dates:

- The last date for Abstract Submission is: 25/1/2023

- The Decision to Submitters: 1/22023

- Submitting the Electronic Posters: 28/2/2023

- E mail for submissions: