it will combine both lovely holidays and additional opportunities to discover new things and experiences. Speaking of those, I'm happy to share with you that Vilnius Business College and their close friends at 'Training trends' have a variety of Erasmus staff training courses during summer that you may be interested in. It's a great opportunity to experience a 5 day course on-site in the lovely capital of Lithuania - Vilnius! 
You probably heard this before, but I'd like to confirm once again - it's cheap to come, cheap to stay and definitely worth the visit! :) Especially when the courses themselves have cultural and explorational activities involved too!
Currently there are three Erasmus staff training course topics available which still have places left:

1) Innovation thinking in education, June 24th-28th, course short introduction and registration -
2) Productivity management for education staff, July 1st-5th, course short introduction and registration -
3) Public Speech - Make Your Art, July 8th-12th, short brief and registration -