Please find below  message about “EduVenture ViM Cologne” from Univeristy of Cologne and attached fact sheet:

We are pleased to announce the Cologne Virtual Educational offer “EduVenture ViM Cologne” also for the Summer term 2021, with lectures starting 12 April 2021. It is a complementary offer addressed to students from all international Partner Universities of the University of Cologne. The offer is very flexible and invites students to freely choose one digitally taught course out of a list that this time includes more than 40 different courses from all faculties. Courses are interactive seminars, combining eLearning elements with weekly video sessions (based on either Zoom or Adobe Connect). Most lectures are interdisciplinary and language of instruction is English, unless specified otherwise. No tuition fees or administrative charges! 
All information about the program is available online on the following website: 

We would appreciate, if you could spread the information among your students, in particular among those, who had to postpone or cancel a planned stay abroad!
Please feel free to send out the attached PDF-file, and you are also invited to publish the pdf on your website for download. 

Once interested students get back to you, you should pass their contact information to us by 18 March 2021, so we can provide those students with further application instructions. 

Please note that last semester all courses were overbooked and we weren’t able to place all applicants. This time the number of courses and places is substantially increased, but we expect the demand to rise as well. Early applications are therefore appreciated. 
At the same time we would like to encourage you to also engage in “virtual mobility.” We would be very pleased if our students, too, could benefit from respective offers of “digital internationalization” at our partner universities. “Virtual Mobility” could even become an additional tool in international academic exchange, promoting and complementing physical exchange. It would be appreciated, if you could pass on this suggestion to the person/department in charge with outbound exchange programs. 
Looking forward to hearing from you and to welcoming your students – be it physically or virtually – and wishing you all the best in these difficult times. 
Eduventure Team
University of Cologne