The main list and the waiting list for Erasmus+ KA131 Short-Term Doctoral Traineeship application results can be found in this link ( The Results are also shared in the link below:

Application Results (PDF) 

**There will be an information meeting on October 17, 2023 (Tuesday) between 10.30-12.00 at Solmaz Izdemir Hall. In the meeting, information about the program will be given and the steps to be followed before mobility will be explained. Participation is compulsory.


If you would like to object to selection results, you should email a scanned petition to International Cooperations Office ( until 16 October, 2023. ICO will respond to the petition until 20 October, 2023 through the e-mail address indicated in the petition.


Selection Criteria

-A separate quota will be allocated for Research Assistants who are continuing their doctoral studies or carrying out post-doc studies. If this quota is not met, other candidates may be placed in the available quotas at the end of the evaluation.

- According to the rules of the National Agency, the placement scores of the candidates in this program will be based on 50% CGPA and 50% English Language score.

- Candidates who are relatives of Martyrs / Veterans will get +15 points if they submit an official document during their application.

- Candidates who are under protection under the Law No. 2828 will get +10 points if they submit an official document during their application.

-Candidates who themselves or whose first/second-level relatives are affected by the February 6th, 2023 earthquakes in Türkiye will get 10 points if they submit an official document during their application.

- Disabled candidates will get +10 points if they submit their disability report during their application.


 **To get these additional points, applicants have to submit their official proofs by 28.04.2023 to online application from e-Devlet. It is the applicant’s own responsibility to provide valid and reliable proofs.

Required Procedures for Awarded Applicants:

The list of documents that you need to prepare before your mobility will be send to your email by your ICO advisor. (Checklist)

Participants who would like to withdraw from the program should inform ICO until 31.12.2023.  For those participants who inform ICO after the deadline, there will be 10 point deduction for their future application’s overall score.

10 points will be decreased from the granted participants for their next Erasmus applications (with European countries). Even though the participants do not conduct their mobility yet; 10 points will be decreased because of being selected and granted in this call.


4. Duration of the Activities

Duration of the Activity

METU Rules:

In order to provide mobility opportunities for a higher number of students and because of the budget limitations at METU, candidates to be selected for this type of mobility within the scope of the existing Erasmus+ KA131 budget opportunities will be granted for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 14 days.

Program Rules:

Within the scope of the program, internship mobility can be carried out between a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days

The last day for the activity: 31.08.2024


Eligible Countries 

Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus (Güney Kıbrıs) Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Crotia, Slovenia, Serbia, United Kingdom


5. Erasmus+ Grants


Daily Grant (Euro)

Up to and including 14 days of physical mobility

70€ per day

From 15 to 30 days of physical mobility

50€ per day


An individual support grant can be awarded for one travel day before the activity and one travel day following the activity.


Within the scope of Short-Term Doctoral Mobility, the following amounts of Additional Grant Support can be provided to participants with fewer opportunities.


Top-up Amount


Duration of Activity

Top-up amount for students with fewer opportunities

Up to and including 14 days of physical mobility*

100 € (per day)

From 15 to 30 days of physical mobility*

150 € (per day)

 * In this case, no additional support is given for the traineeship.


6. Erasmus Mobility without Grant (Zero-Grant)

It is possible to participate in Erasmus mobility programme without grant. Those participants who would like to participate in the programme without grant need to make application and their applications need to be evaluated as the others. Those participants with zero grant have to fulfill rights and obligations of the program.

7. Additional grants for disabled participants

For disabled participants, it is possible to receive additional grants to meet their specific needs. In order for the disabled staff to be given additional grants, the beneficiary higher education institution is required to request additional grants from the Turkish National Agency. The applications for additional grants should be made during the term of the contract, but in any case, up to 60 days before the contract end date. The Turkish National Agency will evaluate each application specifically and determine whether the additional grant can be granted.

For questions please consult:

Nur Seda Temur (+90 312 210 7177,