On the date of 1st March 2019, me and my exchange student friends along with ISEN members made a wonderful trip to Cappadocia for three days and two nights. I was so happy because I can finally go to see the place that I always had on my dream list. There’s a lot of interesting places that we visited like Goretme Open Air; an old church located near caves, Love Valley and Kaymakli Underground city; an ancient city built as safe haven for Christian to get away from Roman. But the peak of the trip for me was taking off the famous hot air balloon. Our money and time sacrifice were paid off with the mesmerizing and stunning view. The panoramic scene of valleys and unique structure of the Cappadocia was certainly wonderful to be looked from up in the sky. Time even flew so slow when you truly appreciate the beauty of nature and God’s creation. On our way back to Ankara, we even stopped at Tuz Golu to take some pictures and enjoy the scene there. We arrived at the lake in the dusk and were served with the purple sky reflected upon the mirror-like lake that is Tuz Golu.  Once again, such an astonishing sight to behold. Final words, this trip is filled with visit to a lot of amazing places that hold a lot of history as well as having marvellous scenery. Liu

"With the Sun rising from a horizon, eccentric Hoodoo geology formed by sedimentary rock and volcanic rock,and countlessly colorable air balloons flying up and down, when I was on an air balloon, I totally agreed with Cappadocia is most wonderful place to take an air balloon, and felt one impulse of traveling most of countries and working hard as I can do.

When we went to see the largest underground city, Kaymaklı Underground Museum, and the tourist guide talked us that this underground city had been made for the purpose of shelter between the 2th and 10th centuries when the Rome Empire tried to eliminated christians, I was so surprised that how they were so sincere that they could make this unbelievable underground city. As most of Taiwanese are, i am an atheist. As a result, I can't understand how sincere they were, and make me think that most of wars from the past to now are ususally related to religion, territory, or race." Eizzat