Visa & Residence Permit


Who must have a student visa?

All international degree/exchange/erasmus/visiting students must have obtained a Student Visa before entering Turkey for studying at METU. A student visa is required to register as a student in Turkey, please do not come to Turkey without your student visa.

Exceptions are those who have Turkish citizenship  or are legal dependents of someone in Turkey on a diplomatic mission or with a valid permit. 


How do I get a student visa?

Student visas must be obtained from a Turkish Consulate, generally the one nearest your place of residence. Student visas cannot be obtained within Turkey. You must take, or mail, a copy of your "Letter of Acceptance" from METU and a completed visa application form to the Turkish Consulate. The Consulate will provide you an application form upon request. Generally, you must also pay application fee. Please try to apply to the Turkish Consulate as soon as you get a copy of your acceptance letter. The process of issuing a student visa to Turkey generally varies depending on your country of residence and in some countries it may take upto 6 weeks. Please check the relevant web site for visa status:


Residance Permit

  1. After entering Turkey, all international students must apply for the Residence Permit at the Ankara Migration Office in one month. Below is a list of the documents to submit.  METU host students will help you to get there. Students must pick up their own permit. 


Students should get an appointment before going to Security Office through the following link: (Please select student application and don’t forget to upload a photo)




  1. Student certificate - can be obtained from your ICO advisor
  2. Letter from the director of your dorm, if you are staying in a campus dorm (this letter can be obtained after registering your permanent dorm).
  3. Off-campus students must submit their rent contract. Those who share a house will follow the procedures below:
  • The person who signs the rent contract must submit the copy of the rent contract to the police station.
  • If a house is shared, but there is only one signatory to the contract, then the person who has signed the rent contract must write a petition addresing the police station stating that the house is shared and list the other people’s names staying in that house. A sample letter can be found at the end of this booklet.
  1. 4 photographs (please write your name at the back for each)
  2. Your passport
  3. Copy of your passport: identity information page, Turkish visa page and all pages with stamps must be copied.
  4. Application fee: The fee will be calculated by Ankara Migration Office. All students will pay 58.5 Turkish Liras for application and according to the country regulations, those students without a student visa will pay 372.80 Turkish Liras in addition to the application fee. The fee will be paid to Ankara Veraset Ofisi in Ulus district. (Çankırı caddesi No: 15, Ulus)

*Students from the following countries do not have to pay the above mentioned 372.80 TL even if they do not have a student visa at arrival. (Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Czech Rep. Bosnia, Armenia, Crotia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Russia)

  1. One pink coloured folder (can be obtained from ICO)
  2. Health Insurance: You have to submit a valid health insurance for application.

a)      Erasmus Students: You should be sure that the insurance that you made should cover the minimum requirements given below and it should be also explicitely stated on the policy document. As the University, we will approve your policy document and if it is not written explicitely, we can not approve the document. In this case, you might have to make a new health insurance in Turkey. If you haven't had a health insurance yet, we advise you to make it in Turkey according to minimum policy content. Your host students and ESN members will hep you to make this insurance in Turkey.

b)      Mevlana and Exchange Students: Making an insurance in Turkey after arrival is compulsory. The insurance should cover the minimum requirements given below. Your host students and ESN members will hep you to make this insurance in Turkey.

Minimum Policy Content



Contracted Institutions

*Non- Contracted Institutions

Annual Minimum Limit


Annual Minimum Limit


Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment

2.000. -TL

Insured      : % 40
Company  : % 60


Insured     : % 40
Company  : % 60

Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment


Insured    : % 0
Company : % 100


Insured     : % 20
Company  : % 80


*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.)  do not have an agreement with the insurer.