Overseas Exchange

Student Exchange Programs are part of official agreements METU has with universities in other countries. In most agreements, "Exchange" means a one-for-one exchange of students between METU and the partner university. Another type of agreement accepts "Visiting Students" from METU. Students accepted to an exchange or visiting student program attend the university abroad (the Host University) for one semester or one academic year. Credits obtained at the Host University are transferred to METU and counted towards graduation when the student returns.

Most of these programs are open only to undergraduates; a few accept graduate students as well. Exchange Students pay tuition to their Home University and are exempt from fees at the Host University. "Visiting students" go as non-degree students for a period of 1 semester or 1 year but pay their fees at the Host University.

All METU's Student Reciprocal Exchange Agreements limit the number of students for exchange in any one year from one to five, depending upon the university. All METU’s Student Exchange Agreements also require that the exchange between partner universities should balance out over one year to five years depending upon the university. Some partner universities are more successful than others in recruiting students so that a rough balance exists with some universities and not at all with others. When a partner university send no student to METU while METU send at least one for a period of two or three years, the partner university may freeze the exchange until they can recruit at least one student to come to METU. METU accepts both graduate and undergraduate while many of partner universities will accept only undergraduate students. Exchange students and faculty from METU are asked to help recruit students from our partner universities.