Mevlana Exchange Program

Mevlana Exchange Program, initiated by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK), aims to realize student and academic staff exchange between Turkish and international higher education institutions all over the world. The program entered into force with the legislation published in official journal no 28034 in 23 August 2011 and envisages collaboration with universities in all regions of the world. Exchanges are currently restricted to countriesoutside of the EU.

Staff exchange from Turkey to abroad is not included in the program from 2015-2016 academic year onwards.


Students registered in Turkish universities in Associate Degree, B.A, M.A and PhD levels can participate in the Mevlana program only once in the same academic level on condition that their university signed a bilateral Mevlana Exchange Protocol with a partner university. If they would like to  benefit from the program again in a different academic level, they can only do it without getting scholarship.


Incoming students and academic staff can participate in educational activities in Turkish higher education institutions within the scope of the program.

Mevlana Protocols

In order to initiate exchanges within Mevlana program, there must exist a valid Mevlana Exchange Protocol signed between a Turkish university and a partner university. Partner universities must be recognized by the Turkish Council of Higher Education. Before signing a Mevlana Exchange Protocol , the Turkish university must get an official approval from the Turkish Council of Higher Education regarding the recognition of te prospective partner university.


There is no restriction to signing a Mevlana Exchange Protocol with a public or private university abroad.



Financial aspect of the Mevlana program is carried out by METU through the budget allocated by Turkish Council of Higher Education.


Incoming and outgoing students and incoming academic staff have the chance to obtain Mevlana scholarship depending on the budget allocated to METU each year.



Please visit the Turkish Council of Higher Education's website for more information on Mevlana program: