International Credit Mobility

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program (ICM)

Erasmus+ extends beyond Europe, allowing for mobility from and to other parts of the world (between 33 Program and 84 Partner Countries). Program Countries are those countries participating fully in the Erasmus+ program. Turkey is one of the 33 Program Countries. Partner Countries cover the rest of the world outside the European Union.


Outgoing students receive 650 € per month and also travel support ranging from 275-1100 € according to the distance between Ankara and the city in which they will study.


Even if there are more than one partners for a specific country, in the selection of students country quotas will be considered. The agreements cover all departments in both universities, the students should check whether their departments exist in the host universities.


The list of the partner universities and country quotas for 2015-2017 mobility period can be reached at this link.


The application information can be found at the Application page under International Credit Mobility Program link.


Note on Recognition of Courses Taken During Mobility:

Those courses which are not completed successfully during the ICM progrmme will not be transferred into the student’s study programme at METU.