Erasmus Partners

Erasmus for Academic Staff

Please see below the list of Erasmus+ agreements for academic staff application 2015-2016.

Erasmus Agreements List for Academic Staff Exchange


Erasmus for Students

Erasmus Agreements List for Student Exchange


Erasmus Agreements List- Department Based




The details of the Erasmus+ agreements for student application (2016-2017) can be seen in the Erasmus application program (OIBS #184) and in the below list.


This document (above link) provides critical information about the acceptance conditions of Erasmus partner universities. Erasmus applicants must read this document and make sure that they fulfill the criteria here before finalizing their application in OIBS program #184.


Erasmus Protocol Drafts

Erasmus Agreement Draft.2017-2021







Subject Codes for Erasmus+ Protocols

Subject Area Codes (OLD)

Subject Area Codes (NEW. Please see pp. 54-73 for the list of new codes)

Subject Area Codes - Conversion Table