Selection results for Mevlana Outgoing Student Applications for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Selection results for Mevlana Outgoing Student Applications for 2018-2019 Academic Year can be found below: 


2018-2019 Selection List


Students who have been placed to a university are required to contact as a response to the e-mail sent by International Cooperations Office (ICO) until 21 March 2018: Hazal Gül Yaşa (, and indicate their semester preference (fall or spring).


Selected students will be able to get detailed information for Mevlana process in their advisor meeting which will be organized on 14 March 2018, Wednesday (12:30-13:30) at Solmaz İzdemir Hall (Library Building) As it will not be possible for advisors to explain the whole process to each student individually, it is compulsory to attend this meeting.



Selection Criteria:


Students’ semester, department, overall grade and agreement quotas have been taken into consideration during the selection process.


According to program regulations, 50% of CGPA and 50% of the English language test score are taken into account in electing prospective Mevlana students.


Besides, before calculating the 50% of the CGPA, a coefficient is applied on the CGPA according to the applicants' department and semester information as the example below shows:


Student CGPA: 3.15

CGPA of the related department's students in the same semester with the applicant: 2.89

Ratio: 3.15/2.89 = 1.09


Overall Mevlana application score: 3.15x26.09 = 82.18

*the convergent factor to calculate 50% of the CGPA = 25


In addition:

-  10 points were added to the Overall Score of the students with disabilities.

-  10 points were deduced from the Overall Score of those students who have participated in any of the Mevlana programs in the same study cycle (10 points deduced per each participation).

- 15 points were added to the Overall Score of the students with martyr/veteran affinity.


Partner Universities:


Students who are already placed in one of the available partner universities are not allowed to switch their placements. University change can only be possible if the partner University decides not to renew the current Mevlana agreement. Students were supposed to make their University preferences by checking the availability of their academic departments at the partner university as well as some other criteria such as language requirements and so on. During the application, an internationally recognized language proficiency exam grade was not required by International Cooperations Office. However, partner universities may require a language proficiency exam grade document for their language of education (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)


Mevlana Scholarship:


Number of METU students who can receive Mevlana grant for the 2018-2019 Academic Year will be determined by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK). METU ICO does not make the grant allocation. METU ICO will report the list of candidates to YÖK for the selection of grantees. Students will be granted by YÖK according to their rankings and some students may not receive Mevlana grant.


When the scholarship status (whether the student is granted scholarship or not) are announced by YÖK, all students who have been placed (with or without scholarships) will be contacted by METU ICO. The announcement is expected to be made mid-May, according to the schedule of YÖK.


For the official announcement sent by YÖK and the monthly grants, please see the attached document.


Important Notice:

At the beginning of your Mevlana program, you are expected to take 30 ECTS or 5 courses*.

If partner university’s credits are systematically low (2-3 ECTS) for all courses or if the partner university does not use ECTS credits, the students are expected to take at least 5 courses.

*The courses taken in the host university must be recognized at METU after return.

The courses completed successfully in the host university must be transferred into METU after return.