Generally, summer school courses at METU are of 3-credits and meet 7 hours weekly for 6 weeks (including examinations). However, TFL 271 and IR 370 courses are a part of the orientation program and TFL 271 starts one week earlier than the regular courses. Most of the following courses are interdisciplinary and are open to upper level students. However, permission of the instructor is required.

See the courses offered for the summer of 2012 and also On-Line Catalog for the general descriptions of the courses on  (availabe in June)


Course Description for Regional Topics


ME 405 Energy Conversion Systems (3-credits)

A Summer Course for Engineering Exchange Students (

In the class the students reverse engineer the CSP system at METU NCC, which consists of parabolic trough collectors (PTC's), an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), a back-up propane powered boiler, and a wet cooling tower. The class is completely projected based. Students develop a mathematical model of this system in Excel through a series of 4-linked projects and run annual simulations using hourly meteorological data to predict the energetic, environmental (CO2 emissions and water consumption), and economic performance of the system at every hour of the year, and compare this performance to other types of energy conversion systems. Students write a report in a scientific journal article format after each project.



TFL 271 Beginning Turkish I (3-credits)

In this course students should learn enough basic conversational and written Turkish for daily activities as well as provide a basis for further study in Turkish language and culture. Explanations about grammar are in English; otherwise the course is carried out primarily I Turkish. Practice sessions are designed to introduce students to various aspects of life in Turkey as well give students opportunities to practice Turkish in natural settings. Throughout the term special speakers will give short talks in English about Turkish history and culture which will be used to introduce specialized vocabulary and preliminary to optional tours of places of interest in the city.


IR 370 Contemporary Turkey: Turkish State and Society (3-credits)

A survey of contemporary Turkish state and society issues designed specifically for METU's exchange and visiting students. It covers the historical, economical, political, social, cultural and foreign policy developments of modern Turkey from the late 19th century Ottoman Empire to the present. The course is organized both on the basis of lectures, field trips, cultural events and student participation through discussions and short papers. There will be a term paper on a specific aspect of Contemporary Turkish State and Society and a final examination. Students are expected to decide on the paper topics in consultation with the instructor. Students are expected to attend seminars for each subject and to participate in the class discussions. The final examination is in multiple choice type that covers the various issues of the seminar topics.